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Less than a week to go!

25th June 2012

So we are now just days away from the performance and I'm an odd mix of relaxed and terrified! 

A lot of people in the class seem to have there material pretty much down (as you'd expect for people who are performing in less than a week!) whereas I just a have a collection of thoughts that might be slightly amusing. I've also realised that as well as writing it I'm going to have to remember it, which could well be a problem!

The other problem I had was not knowing wether to write entirely new stuff or try and make a routine from what I had...I played with some ideas, but it seemed a bit safer to go with what I've got... so I'm currently trying to write the strange ideas, lists and rants that I've worked on over the last 7 weeks into some sort of sense so that when I tell it to people on Sunday it makes sense!

I'm also aware that some of the stuff which seemed funny when I wrote it, doesn't seem that funny any more - I'm wondering if professional comedians get this: they must think a jokes funny when they write it but maybe not after they've performed it 50 times!

Anyway, I need to go and try and be funny....I'l let you know how it goes.

Posted by Chris Maskery at 10:43am

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