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The beginning...

1st May 2012

1st May

Well there's just over a week to go until the course starts and I learn to be funny and I've decided that I'll try to work out just how hilarious I already am.

Over the next few days I'm going to do a poll of the office and other people I know asking them how funny I am - I'll put the results up here for you to see!

Now...If you've listened to Gareth Wesley's Breakfast Show, then you'll be used to me popping up when he's talking and saying something funny...but that's different - it's not scripted and there's no pressure - and I've been doing radio for years so I know (roughly) how it works.

This is totally different, the thought of getting up on my own in front of a load of people in Tring is TERRIFYING!

Anyway - there'll be much more of me pooping my pants on this blog over the next few weeks, if nothing else that might be quite funny on stage.

Posted by Chris Maskery at 7:56am

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