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May 2012

Mr Miyagi

22nd May 2012

We've now had our second lesson at being funny, and we also had an incredible moment of truth!

Our teacher is Logan Murray, and he said that he's currently being a bit like Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid and I couldn't agree more! I say that because we're doing loads of things that seem to have nothing to do with putting on a stand up comedy show (a bit like like the karate kid waxing on, waxing off and painting the fence etc).

This week we played some games, the first was three headed expert, this is where 3 people do a talk on a topic as if they were one person, so when Logan clicks his finger the next person has to carry on the sentence, even if it's in the middle of a word! Its good fun, and very funny to watch - although quite what it tells us about comedy I'm not sure, I'm just putting my trust in Logan Miyagi and hoping it comes good.

The second exercise was a writing one - we all wrote down something nice, then went round the group and followed the good thing with a negative thought...again, not sure why - but we'll see!

The best bit for me though was Logan trying to encourage us to find our inner idiots - so he kept telling us not to talk like grown-ups...in fact he kept saying "you're not a newsreader"... I didn't like to tell him.

Posted by Chris Maskery at 4:34pm

It Starts!

10th May 2012

Well the day is here! The first of the 10 weeks worth of comedy lessons begins today and I'm frankly....a bit scared!

So here's the deal: every Thursday me and about 10 others meet up in a church hall in deepest, darkest Tring. This group of misfits, odd balls and comedy wannabees meet to get trained by a comedy jedi master - Logan Murray (he's helped Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davies be funny).

At the end of the 10 weeks we have to do some actual, live stand-up around the pubs in Tring, and this is what scares me! I know you might have seen me on stage at the fireworks or at the Christmas Light switch-on but that's different, I don't know why but I find that much less scary than standing up and trying to be funny.

I'm fairly sure it probably won't be anywhere near as bad as I'm thinking - you can follow my progress on this blog over the next couple of months.

Finally, the last time I wrote this blog I said I was going to do a survey of how funny people think I am...I haven't done this yet! I don't want to find out the truth (not yet anyway!).

Wish me luck!!

Posted by Chris Maskery at 8:46am

The beginning...

1st May 2012

1st May

Well there's just over a week to go until the course starts and I learn to be funny and I've decided that I'll try to work out just how hilarious I already am.

Over the next few days I'm going to do a poll of the office and other people I know asking them how funny I am - I'll put the results up here for you to see!

Now...If you've listened to Gareth Wesley's Breakfast Show, then you'll be used to me popping up when he's talking and saying something funny...but that's different - it's not scripted and there's no pressure - and I've been doing radio for years so I know (roughly) how it works.

This is totally different, the thought of getting up on my own in front of a load of people in Tring is TERRIFYING!

Anyway - there'll be much more of me pooping my pants on this blog over the next few weeks, if nothing else that might be quite funny on stage.

Posted by Chris Maskery at 7:56am


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