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June 2012

no - really, I am getting nervous now.

29th June 2012

As I write this the big night is about 48 hours away.


I've written my set, I performed it properly for the first time last night at the final comedy class and it didn't go exactly to plan, I forgot some of it and it was 2 minute s too long! So today I've got to do a bit of re-writing and really try and practise it until I know it properly!!

I am now though extremely nervous - although the lovely Gaynor, who is also performing made cakes and bought them in last night - they had our faces on!! Although the cakes were lovely, she was also VERY funny so I'm not sure I like her anymore, she'll make me look bad!!

Look at this:

 Comedy Cake

Posted by Chris Maskery at 2:52pm

Less than a week to go!

25th June 2012

So we are now just days away from the performance and I'm an odd mix of relaxed and terrified! 

A lot of people in the class seem to have there material pretty much down (as you'd expect for people who are performing in less than a week!) whereas I just a have a collection of thoughts that might be slightly amusing. I've also realised that as well as writing it I'm going to have to remember it, which could well be a problem!

The other problem I had was not knowing wether to write entirely new stuff or try and make a routine from what I had...I played with some ideas, but it seemed a bit safer to go with what I've got... so I'm currently trying to write the strange ideas, lists and rants that I've worked on over the last 7 weeks into some sort of sense so that when I tell it to people on Sunday it makes sense!

I'm also aware that some of the stuff which seemed funny when I wrote it, doesn't seem that funny any more - I'm wondering if professional comedians get this: they must think a jokes funny when they write it but maybe not after they've performed it 50 times!

Anyway, I need to go and try and be funny....I'l let you know how it goes.

Posted by Chris Maskery at 10:43am

it's getting closer

15th June 2012

This week I thought I'd do a video blog!

Posted by Chris Maskery at 5:22pm

The vicar intervenes

8th June 2012

As you'd expect in a room full of people trying to be comedians, sometimes funny things happen, but the highlight of last night was the vicar walking into the hall and informing us that actually something else was happening and we had to get out (although put the chairs back first)

Luckily Tring Corinthians FC stepped in and we spent the next couple of hours in a small hut next to a football pitch - although tea and biscuits were provided!

Back to the comedy and it's all starting to get a little bit real! As I write this there's only 24 days to go until the performance! We're now getting to the point where we're writing some material that could be stand-up. I don't know how everyone else feels but for me - some stuff I do is funny and some is really not! That's all fine in a room full of people who are doing the same thing, but I'm not sure a pub full of drunk people would be quite so understanding.

Next week I'll be speaking to Mr Myagi himself - our tutor Logan Murray - I'll put the video up on here so you can see how he thinks I'm doing (although I'm not sure I want to know!)

Posted by Chris Maskery at 5:47pm

Half-way through!

1st June 2012

We're pretty much halfway through the comedy course now, only a month to go until the night itself (arggggggh)

The latest evening spent in a church hall was again fun and I learnt some more stuff, but it was in the pub afterwards that I found most interesting. 6 or 7 of us went for a pint and some of the people who I thought performed really well and were very funny were the ones saying they were totally rubbish and that they were terrified. 

One lady had done a top 5 (our homework) that could pretty much be a full routine - I could genuinely imagine her standing in front of everyone saying it, yet once we were in the pub she was saying that she had no idea what she could do for her routine!!

I think that's what I've found most fascinating - more than anything it's only YOU that holds YOU back! Everyone can see that other people are funny, but when it comes to believing it in yourself, all your hang-ups come out and you don't see it. 

So there, apologies this blog has been relatively serious - to make amends I'll finish it with a comedy word...erm...COLLYWOBBLE!

Posted by Chris Maskery at 6:32pm


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