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July 2012

They Think It's All Over!

2nd July 2012

Well that's it then - I actually performed 5 minutes of stand-up comedy in 4 pubs in Tring!

What's that? How did it go? Was I funny?

Well...yeah I think so! I definitely got some laughs but ti was hard work and I went down much better in some pubs than others! I was most worried about the first pub - The Robin Hood, and that seemed to go down pretty well...whereas the pub I was most confident about - The Kings Arms - It was the last one I played so I thought they'd all be drunk and laugh more...however...that was probably the worst gig I had!!

It's really weird - you can say the same thing and it gets a totally different reaction in 2 different places! 

I wasn't as funny as some of the other acts - in fact my girlfriend decided to tell the group of people who'd been training for 8 weeks that her favourite was a lady called Gaynor - not me!!! I didn't dare ask who her second favourite was.

On the upside, no-one punched me and people laughed at least a few times!

So will I do it again? I genuinely don't know! When people are laughing it's brilliant but when they're not it's awful and I'm not sure the good side outweighs the bad side!

Certainly for the moment I'm happy sitting watching the other acts that are on over the next 3 weeks at The Tringe.

PS - Thanks to Ben from the Tringe, Logan for all the teaching and the people of Tring for laughing at my jokes!

Posted by Chris Maskery at 6:40am


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