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Roundabout re-opens after car flips in Aylesbury

A car crash has caused traffic gridlock this morning, the car flipped over on a roundabout, the Ambulance service say it could be down to a medical episode.

Want an 80% mortgage? Think again

You'll need to be on over £70k a year to get that kind of deal in Aylesbury Vale

Thames Water in court in Aylesbury

The company have been accused of breaking environmental rules

AVDC considers latest budget

We've summarised the important bits you need to know.

flooding in Watermead

Charity concerned development means greater risk of flooding

They're holding a conference today (01/02) to explore the issue.

Family - school driving

Survey: What's stopping you walking to school?

Parents are being asked why they drive to school, as part of BCC research


Wendover shop concerned over Tesco/Booker merger

Booker supply the shop, so the owner is worried it could mean less choice for customers.

Chiltern Railways

Students to design timetable art

Chiltern Railways are looking for entries in their latest design competition


53-year-old from Naphill jailed for rape

He was sentenced today (31/1) at Aylesbury Crown Court.


Councillor calls for greater transparency over Buckinghamshire Care closure

The company, set up by the county council, has made a £2.2 million loss.

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A413 closed after cables fall

Police say the stretch between Winslow and Swanbourne is affected

New Year, New Career

Shape lives everyday, become a teacher in Bucks