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Small Talk

Small Talk

The children of schools in Buckinghamshire give us their answers to some of life's big questions! We feature one local school per week each morning at 8.05am and you can listen again here!

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Showing episodes 1 to 10.

Turnfurlong Infant School

The children reveal what they'd like to be famous for and who they think is the greatest dancer. W/C 26.09.16

Oakley Combined School

The children confess who is the messiest in their house, what they'd spend £100 on and how they'd make Mum or Dad happy. W/C 19.09.16

Overstone Combined School

The boys and girls reveal who they would like to invite round for tea, what they would buy Simon Cowell for his birthday and what they think a cockney is. W/C 12.09.16

Holmer Green First School

The boys and girls tell us everything from their mum's BIGGEST secret to their thoughts on marriage. W/C 11.04.16

Overstone Combined School

The children tell us what skinny dipping is all about, who Jerry Springer is and they reveal where they'd like to go on a magic carpet ride! W/C 18.7.16

Holmer Green First School

The children reveal their rather unusual recipe ideas for what they would like to cook their parents for dinner! They also tell us what a Spice Girl is, where they'd go on an adventure and what their pets get up to when they're at school. W/C 11.07.16

St Mary's C of E School

The boys and girls from St Mary's share their thoughts on what the man on the moon does for a job and reveal how to party like it's 1999! W/C 4/7/16

Halton Community Combined School

Some of the things we find out this week include why people take selfies, why we go to school, and what a WAG is! W/C 27.06.16

Grendon Underwood Primary School

Mum's and Dad's beware! We asked the children what do your parents do to relax,and that annoys you?! The pupils also talk friends, fame and what Tim Peake got up to in space.W/C 20.06.16

Stoke Mandeville Combined School

What do Mum & Dad enjoy drinking? Who is Ed Balls? and what would Dad's perfect day be? They are just some of questions the children answered on another brilliant week of Small Talk W/C 13.06.16



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