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Small Talk

Small Talk

The children of schools in Buckinghamshire give us their answers to some of life's big questions! We feature one local school per week each morning at 8.05am and you can listen again here!

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St Mary's C of E School

The children tell us who they think is the coolest in their family, what's at the end of a rainbow and what they want to be when they grow up. W/C 20.02.17

Oak Green School

The boys and girls reveal who is the best cook, what their talent is and what they think The Rolling Stones are. W/C 6.01.17

Great Missenden Primary

The girls and boys confess what they like about Dad, what they do to make Mum smile and what's in a love letter. W/C 30.01.17

Wingrave C of E School

The children reveal what happens on a date night, who Mummy fancies and what Dad is good at. W/C 23.01.17

Weston Turville C of E School

The children in Year 3 reveal their hidden talent, what they spend their pocket money on and whether they think Mum is a better singer than Dad! W/C 16.1.17

Broughton Junior School

The girls and boys reveal what makes their parents mad, where they would time travel to and what a typewriter is. W/C 9.1.17

Stoke Mandeville Combined School

It's the Small Talk Festive Special with Stoke Mandeville Combined School. The girls and boys tell us who Shakin' Stevens is, what's on their Christmas list and what Mrs Claus gets up to when Santa is out delivering presents! W/C 12.12.16

St Mary's C of E School

This week we ask the children from St Mary's who they'd like to invite round for tea and what is so special about mum. W/C 5.12.16

Oak Green School

The girls and boys tell us why people get married, what they'd buy the Queen for Christmas and how we can be healthy. W/C 28.11.16

Thomas Hickman School

The children tell us what happens in a nightclub plus they reveal what makes them laugh and how they make others smile! W/C 21.11.16

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