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All this week we're going back to the 90s, asking you to sign up to our latest Soundcheck and rate songs from the era of Brit Pop, Drum and Base and Trance! Click here to take part in the survey!

Once you've rated the songs why not sit back and check out some of these wicked games, pictures and listen to Nathan's Diaries - a little insight into what it was like growing up in the 80s & 90's!

Party on Dude!

Pictures clockwise from top: Nathan's Mix96 photo from the 90s (very boyband!), Darren & Katy display their 90s favourites, and Wes goes all Oasis!

90s Soundcheck, with Flying Start Tuition, learning made easy for all ages!


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The Secret Diaries of Nathan;

We asked Nathan if he had any memories of being a teenager in the 80's & 90's (the rest of us are too young!) and, to our surprise, he found his old diaries! Here are some snippets;


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You know you’re a child of the 90’s because…

  • You still know the tune that accompanies the phone number of 0181-811-8181!
  • You know which side of the Take That / East 17 and the Blur/Oasis battle you were on…and you probably still hold firm to it.
  • SodaStreams were possibly the coolest thing in the world.
  • Your prize possession was your extensive collection of Now That’s What I Call Music cassettes.
  • Your favourite on screen dog was called Bouncer
  • You can complete this lyric:  “Have you ever, ever felt like this. When strange things happen…”
  • You’d give anything for the chance to enter the Crystal Dome!
  • You got ready for school every morning in front of the Big Breakfast.
  • You definitely owned at least one of the following: rollerblades, a Head Bag, a Funfax, Reebok popper tracksuit bottoms, and Fila Trainers.
  • Neil Buchanan was a modern day Picasso!
  • Mr Blobby was a key part of your Saturday night entertainment and Ed the Duck and Gordon the Gopher took the morning slots.
  • You fed, played with and killed your Tamagotchi
  • You had or know someone who had… ‘the Rachel Cut’