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Two women per week are killed by current or ex-partners, and one in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence in their lifetime


Aylesbury Women’s Aid is a charity that was set up in 1986 by a small group of women who were concerned that there was no provision for women being abused by their partners in the Aylesbury area.

The purpose of Aylesbury Women’s Aid is:

To exist for the benefit of all women and their children who are or have experienced physical, mental, emotional, financial or sexual abuse in their relationships and to offer support, information, advice, access to temporary safe accommodation and aftercare

All women with or without children who would like to use the services are welcome regardless of age, class, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, nationality, religion or cultural beliefs

Visit the Aylesbury Women’s Aid website here.

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This week we are focusing on why there is still a taboo around domestic violence, how the issue affects asian communities and the future of Aylesbury Women's Aid.

We'll upload all of our programmes here so you can listen again, and you can still hear our other week long specials by scrolling down the page.


Aylesbury Women's Aidis a charity which helps women escape domestic violence and they run a refuge to give them and their families somewhere to go. Today's package from Emily Chiswell starts by hearing from Jenna, one of the hundreds of women helped by Aylesbury Women's Aid.A warning though - some of this package is upsetting and includes descriptions of violence:




All this week we're taking a closer look at what they do and how they help people here...and as every week in the UK, two women are killed by their partner or their's an important issue.

Today Emily Chiswell looks into the issue in the Asian community in Bucks:




All this week, we've been talking about Domestic Abuse, to give the women who've been through it a voice and to break down stereotypes.

But behind all this is Aylesbury Women's Aid:



Today we carry on investigating domestic violence as part of our week-long look at our charity of the year- Aylesbury Women's Aid.

In this package Emily looked at the fact that many people don't want to talk about domestic violence and the fact there is still a taboo surrounding the subject.





Yesterday we heard about domestic violence in the asian Emily Chiswell looks at the problem of forced marraige:


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Over the year we've done several week-long specials looking into the issue of domestic violence and the issues surrounding it.

Below you can find all of the packages from week two:


Aylesbury Women's Aid looks after women and families affected by domestic violence through outreach workers and a refuge. This week we'll be looking at the issues surrounding domestic violence again, but from a different point of view, as Emily Chiswell explains in this report:



Over the course of the last few days we've been looking at the work the charity does and the women and children that rely on it's support. Growing up in a family where domestic violence is comon place is difficult for any child to deal with... Today Emily Chiswell examines the signs that alert authorities to abuse in the home.



Each day this week we've brought to you special reports about the Mix96 Charity of the Year, Aylesbury Women's Aid. A local organisation that provide support for women and children who become victims of domestic abuse at home. In this final report, Emily Chiswell looks at the work being done by the charity to support children in these families.



Since 1986  Aylesbury Women's Aid have continued to provide support for local women who have suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of thier partners. But it's not just the adults that are effected by domestic violence at home. Mix96's Emily Chiswell has more in this report:


Far from a pleasent subject but something we feel needs to be spoken about. Aylesbury Women's Aid exist to provide support, care and assistance to local women and children that have become victims of domestic violence. Unfortunatley, volunteers at the charity have found that even when the physical abuse has ended, the harrasment can continue and often involves the children. Mix96's Emily Chiswell has more:


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In our first week long special we took a closer look at the charity, and the issue of domestic violence. We broadcast reports on air three times a day and put the extended versions here for you to listen to again.

Monday - Physical Violence.

In today's package Emma Hill talks to 'Rachel' a victim of domestic violence. She found help via Aylesbury Women's Aid and managed to get out. Rachel is not her real name as she didn;t want to be identified.

You can hear an extended version of Monday's report below - it contains adult content and upsetting descriptions of what 'Rachel' went through.


Wednesday - Financial Abuse

It doesn't often get talked about but victims sometimes find themselves without access to their own money, not allowed to work and not allowed to have their own bank account.

Emma Hill spoke to Detective Inspector Chris Inness who manages the Thames Valley Police domestic abuse investigation unit in Buckinghamshire:



Friday - How To Get Help

Aylesbury Women's Aid are a lifeline - for HUNDREDS of women - fleeing domestic violence and all this week, we've been finding out more about the vital work they do.

Tracy is an outreach worker with the charity. She's been telling Emma from our news team that victims of abuse get referred to them in a number of ways:


Tuesday - Psychological & Emotional Bullying

In today's package we speak with outreach worker, Tracy, who says it's not just about being beaten up - psychological AND emotional bullying is also part of the abuse:




Thursday - The Abusers

Aylesbury Womens Aid, supports women and children fleeing violent homes.

They help them to get re-housed and navigate the criminal justice system OR the family courts.

Tracy, an outreach worker with Aylesbury Womens Aid, says their priority is to their clients - but every once in a while they do hear from the abusers.


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Mary’s Story

Listen to our extended interview with Mary. She lived with domestic abuse for more than two years and was able to change her life with the help of Aylesbury Women’s Aid;


The Charity

April Benson is a support worker for Aylesbury Women’s Aid. In this interview she explains the types of support available to women who suffer from domestic abuse.


Free Phone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247