The Mix96 Big Quiz of the week

Its big, It’s a quiz, and it happens every's The Mix96 Big Quiz of the week

Every week the breakfast show will invite someone to play every morning from Monday through till Friday.

Each day will have questions on different subjects, from general knowledge and music to sport and specialist rounds.

At the end of the week our player will receive an exclusive (and much sought after) Mix96 Brain of Bucks Mug and be placed on the leader board so they can gloat about how terribly smart they are.

Show us your brains Bucks!

The Mix96 Big Quiz Leaderboard:

1 Tony Moore
23 20th March
2= Amy Moon
22 27th February
2= Andy Atherden
22 19th June
2= Ian Sitch/Michelle & Ryan Mead
22 24th April/2nd October
5= Sandra Satterly/AndyMyall
21 10th July/26th June
 5= Steve Hyams
21 11th September
 8 Jade Rose
20.5 31st July
 10= Dan Burford/Nathan Martinig
20 21st August/10th April
10= Lisa Went
20 17th April
10= Dan Thompson
20 17th July

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