Thousand Pound Minute

There’s a lot you could do with £1,000!

Maybe you’ll put it towards that dream holiday you’ve been promising yourself? Or perhaps you’ll use it on sprucing up your pad? Maybe it’s just spare cash to save for a rainy day!

Whatever the reason… There’s no easier way to win a grand than with our £1,000 Minute.

Each weekday at 8.15 on the Mix96 Breakfast Show we give you the chance to win £1,000 for simply answering 10 general knowledge questions answered correctly in just 60 seconds. We'll even give you a few questions in advance before 8.00am.


Click below to listen to Laura become our latest one grand winner! 

See how well you would do by having a go on our website version of the Thousand Pound Minute. There's no money to win, but it's good training!

Click here to play.

Remember you can play for real every weekday morning at 8.15 on The Breakfast Show.