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Music, people, talking and food - pretty much sums up our Emily!

Ever since Emily's first show on Bristol University's student station, she knew that headphones and mics were her thing. After pestering her tutors to include a placement in a radio station as part of her degree course, she left Uni and got her first proper job in radio as a co-presenter on a local Breakfast show.

These days though, the headphones and the mics come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. When she's not  on-air at Mix96 on a Sunday afternoon, she’s the voice you hear introducing the likes of Eastenders on BBC  television or voicing adverts for Cut The Rope and Magnum!






Emily admits to being obsessed with all things new and exciting and recently set up passionpods.co.uk, a series of podcasts with young entrepreneurs, that aims to inspire and encourage young people to pursue the potential of their passions and is pretty infectious stuff!

Most of her out-of-work life tends to merge with her in-work-life. She would give anyone a good challenge in a lyric-off and spends most of her free time watching as much live music as possible. This does mean however, that she tends to geek out a bit too enthusiastically about certain new additions to the Mix 96 playlist… You have been warned!

Other than that she’s all about  trips to the theatre, cocktails with friends, cooking (but mostly eating) tasty food, hanging with the family and a bit of Yoga chucked in there for good measure.

Join Emily from 12pm - 4pm every Sunday here on Mix96.


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