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Paralympic Heritage Flame

This is your chance to be part of history! 

The Paralympic Games starts on 7th September and the Flame will yet again start its official journey to Rio from Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the birth place of the Paralympic movement.

To celebrate we're having a big Rio style party in Vale Park on the 2nd of September, once the Paralympic Heritage Flame is lit at Stoke Mandeville Stadium it's going to be brought to Vale Park and passed around the park in a symbolic gesture uniting the flame and the people of Buckinghamshire.

We've got 60 Golden Flame Tickets so you can be part of history and help pass the flame around the park, all you have to do is fill out the form below - the first 60 people to fill it out will be selected to take part.

A few t&c's - You must be older than eight years old, you need to live or work in Bucks and you need to be available on the 2nd September to be part of the celebration.

Good luck!

Sorry, this competition has now closed

What is happening on the night?

You will be entertained by colorful and flamboyant carnival dancers, fire breathing stilt walkers and hoola-hoopists. Music and entertainment will be brought to you live from us at Mix 96, alongside performances from the award winning Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy and the The Disability Karate Federation, showing that anyone can take part in Ikkaido. Tom Smiths Fun Fair will be at the event too, with special ramps to aid access to the rides, as well as having low sensory times, when the lights and music will be turned off, so that those with multi-sensory disorders can also enjoy the thrill of a fair-ground ride. This is the first time that such an all-inclusive fun fair has been provided in the area (charges will apply for the fun fair).

In addition to all of this great free fun and entertainment, there will be a bar, and a traditional Brazilian style BBQ, so you can experience all of the sounds, smells and flavour of a vibrant Rio Carnival.

At approximately 8pm, once the Paralympic Heritage Flame has been officially lit at the lighting ceremony in Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the Parade of Light will enter and circle Vale Park. This is a bright and colourful carnival procession of 500 disabled people, carrying flags and banners especially made for the event. The Parade of Light will be led by the Paralympic Heritage Flame, carried by Bob O’Shea, former Paralympic Rugby captain and they will be accompanied by the Toque Tambor Samba band and all of our carnival dancers.

The Parade of Light will then continue, as the Flame is passed hand-to-hand around the park in a symbolic uniting the Flame with the people of Buckinghamshire.  The celebrations will culminate when local man and Invictus Games participant Luke Delahunty takes the Flame across the park to light an amazing firework display. Eloise Labross who has ASD and Andrew Stewart who is blind will also be accompanying Luke to light the fireworks.

Paralympic Heritage Flame poster