Twenty years of friends

On September 22nd 1994, the pilot episode of a low budget TV show went to air on NBC in the United States. No one could predict that it would become the most successful sitcom in history. Around the globe people watched New York’s favourite twenty something's fall in love, split up, get hired, get fired, get stranded, get pregnant and grow up.

Now… 20 Years after the first episode Mix96 is returning to Monica’s apartment to spend a day with Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica & Phoebe!

Listen all day as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Friends with the best bits of the show playing on air between 6am and 7pm. You could even win the complete series boxset on DVD by entering our quiz below! Good luck - and remember you've only got 60 seconds to answer all 10 questions!

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Play our F.R.I.E.N.D.S quiz to get yourself into the draw.The person with the highest score wins. If more than one person has a score of 10, the winner will be determined by an on air 'face off' between two contestants chosen at random in our Drivetime show at 17.40 on Monday (22nd Sep). 

Chandler's Best Bits

Ross' Best Bits

Joey's Best Bits

Rachel's Best Bits

Monica's Best Bits 

Phoebe's Best Bits