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Green month

We're helping to save the environment!

March is Mix96's Green month and we're doing lots of things to help you go greener. 

11 tips on how to be greener

Little changes to make you and your family more environmentally friendly.

Green Schools

Lots of schools across Bucks are doing their bit to go green, here are just some of the things they've done.

The Green Pages

Find out how to make your life and your workplace more 'green' and find some eco-friendly businesses.

The Mix96 Green Song

Get the family to sing along with Ben and Nia and encourage them to be more eco-friendly at the same time!

Earth Hour

Join us (and the rest of the world) in switching off for an hour

Wes's Upcycling challenge

Wes has accepted a challenge from Bucks Recycling - can he make something good out of other people's rubbish?

Ben and Nia's Challenge

They've got to drive an electric car 600 miles from here to Bourg en Bresse and back in 3 days!

Green Quiz

We're trying to be greener, but which are the greenest countries? See if you can guess...