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Mix96 Green month

It's like the Yellow pages, but er... GREEN!

As part of Green Month Mix96 has put together the Green pages with some interesting eco-friendly links for you and for local businesses in Bucks.

If you’ve got a business that is trying to be a little more eco-friendly then there are some links about grants to help you turn your company greener.

There are also some links for products and services that might help you become greener in your everyday life

Have a scan down and you might well find something that could help you in your quest to be green.

Stuff you can do to make your life greener!

Green Travel
  • Electric cars help use less fuel, these are the latest locations for Electric Car fill up points: Zap Map
  • You could share lifts too, here is the Lift Share website for Bucks: Liftshare
  • Or get on your bike, if don't have a bike check the Ride to Work Scheme.
Being Green at home

Here some links for Solar Panel installation companies,  it's eco friendly and will save you some cash too.

And once you've got that heat in lets keep it in, you can even get a grant for that. Here are some links to grants for helping you insulate your house

When it comes to food, these are some of the local organic food choices in the area.

Why not try to reduce your waste a bit and get your old print cartridge refilled, re-used or recycled?

Got things you don't know what to do with? This Aylesbury company takes things like end-of-life wheelie bins, crates, buckets, diesel tanks, barrels, etc. and granulates them to 10mm regrind for use back in manufacturing.


Lacey Green Windmill


Green Days Out and Shopping

A day out can be a green experience and here is a great one and its just around the corner, fresh air cute animals and all in a very eco friendly environment: 

There is a business in Buckinghamshire that specialises in socially responsible international school trips:

Nowadays there is so many more options for the eco conscious shopper:




Is your work place pulling in a green direction?

These are some links that could help your business to take some steps to being greener

Finally, here are some other general tips that are simple and could help reducing that carbon footprint: