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Schools across Bucks and beyond are focusing more and more on environmental issues. Here's what some them are up to; from Waste Free Lunches to songs about Recycling!

Wingrave C of E

The school has an Eco Committe and a range of environmental policies. Nathan popped along to find out more; 

Elmhurst School

Nathan popped along to meet School Council Co-Ordinator Mrs Hoff and some of the Year 4 Environment Action Team. They are focusing in particular on bottle tops and how they can be recycled.

elmhurst school

Mrs Hoff explains how the pupils have been given the opportunity to tackle environmental issues, and how they can all be involved:

Bodie tells us about his ideas to help after hearing how rubbish kills marine life:

Marcus also had some ideas - from posters to a litter drive:

The team are particularly focusing on bottle tops and recycling those. Here's Ryan with more details: 

Bethan has more about what will happen to the bottle tops that the school send off for recycling:

More from Marcus about why we should all recycle more:

Elangeni School, Amersham

The Elangeni have been an international Eco School for 6 years, and the students not only work within the school, but also the community, with a variety of interesting and innovative projects.

Elangeni School

Mrs Bunce has been the Eco-Lead Co-ordinator for 8 years. She gives us an oversight of what the students and staff do, and the facilities the school provide:

Aarav explains why he wanted to be an Eco-Rep, and talks about Switch Off Fortnight :

Annabel tells us about the school's bottle green house and why she loves being an Eco-Rep:

James became an Eco-Rep because he really likes wildlife and looking after things. He has more about the Eco Fashion show the school put on:

Elsie is the Year 3 Eco Rep and describes what she did to get the role:

Lucy loves animals and nature, and is the Year 6 Eco Rep. Here she and Elsie talk about the new school magazine and how it benefits their projects:

Luella describes life as an Eco Rep and some of the things the students do:

This is Robbie, who was very keen to help his school and the wildlife there. He tells us all about the pond area:

The school have a weekend planned to work on a new project. Here's Samuel and Harry to explain:

Tess is another Eco Rep. She says they work with a well known charity every year to examine birds at their school:

Stoke Mandeville Combined School

The school have an Eco Council and previously took part in our Green Schools campaign, when they were given a tree for taking on. Nathan popped along to see how much it's grown and meet some of the Council; Sam & Neve (Year 1), Eva & Sam (Year 2), Isabella & Maliq (Year 3), Dakarai & Katie (Year 4), Bleta & Evan (Year 5) and Kieran and Hannah (Year 6). He also found more about the school's Waste Free Lunch scheme, and set the them a 96 Second Environment Challenge:

Stoke Mandeville

Hannah from the Eco Council explains about the School's Waste Free Lunch campaign:

We gave some of the council 96 Seconds to tell us what they know about the dangers our planet faces!

Bleta talks about how the children join the Eco Council:

John Hampden School, Thame

John Hampden is a Healthy Eating School and have a children's gardening club who meet weekly to work in their specially designed Millennium Garden, growing lots of fruit and vegetables. They also have a 'Bug Hotel' in the grounds. They have been busy learning a song all about recycling because they wanted to take part in the National Go Green Initiative; they try really hard to conserve energy and the children and staff are committed to making sure they turn off lights, close doors to keep in the heat, avoid unnecessary photocopying/over-use of paper towels etc.

john hampden school

Reduce Reuse Recycle, Written by Steve Allan Jones, Published by CYP Music

Brushwood Junior School, Chesham

In year 4 the children will be learning about recycling. As part of this they have already made musical instruments from everyday recyclable items (you can hear the instruments in their version of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle below!).

They will also be making a mini landfill site and wil monitor it during March to see which items do/do not decompose.There will also be a focus on renewable energy and ways they could use less energy, for example light switches.

Finally, they will be learning about natural and man made effects on Earth.  As part of this they will be looking into why the River Chess is dry in some parts of Chesham ie weather conditions and abstraction.  They will also find out how much water the average person uses a week and again think of ways they could use less, both at home and at school.

Brushwood Junior