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Spooky stories from around Buckinghamshire

We've found some of the spookiest ghost stories from around where we live, watch our presenters visit the sites and tell the scary stories.

The Black Hound

This is the story of a milkman in a village just outside Aylesbury who is confronted by a giant black hound every night, but what happens when the milkman decides to fight back...


Three Ghosts In A Pub

The Kings Head in Aylesbury dates back to the 15th century and has more than it's fair share of ghosts, find out who you could be sharing a pint with...

The local landmark that is tied up with the death of a king

Is the folly in Dinton haunted by a man responsible for the death of the King?

The dead wife who visits her husband in his dreams

A Quainton man, torn apart by grief sees horrible visions of his dead wife, but it's because she's trying to tell him something...


A ghost who only appears to you to warn of impending danger

A man near Haddenham who was killed by thieves returns, complete with hammer sticking out of his chest to warn if you are in trouble...