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Furry Friends Fortnight

Could you offer a forever home to a furry friend?

We've teamed up with Aston Clinton Vets for Furry Friends FortnightEvery day we're going to introduce you to a pet in a local shelter who needs a permanent home.

So if you're looking for a four legged friend we might just have a match for you!

Find out more about our friends and how you can help below.


Jess is in need of a quiet, adult only home with no other animals.

She's 8 years old, neutered and chipped, and arrived at Blackberry Farm after her previous owner could no longer care for her.

Jess became quite unhappy in her old home due to young children being around and unfamiliar people, and initially was worried by all things new. However, in time, she has settled and enjoys fuss and attention.

In the right home, once settled, Jess will be the happy cat she once was in her old home.

If you think you can offer Jess a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:


Pringle, had a terrible start to his life can you bring joy to this wonderful dog.

He was tied up in a garden devoid of any animal or human interaction.  Because of this he is only now learning how to interact with people and other pets.  He is even having to learn how to play with toys.

However he is coming on leaps and bounds and has a really sweet nature and loves making friends with people. 

Pringle is a looking for a cat free house with children over 12 years of age.  Can you become the forever home for this sweet dog and give him the life he deserves?

If you think you can offer Pringle a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:


Feme is a wonderful cat that needs a loving home

She is a pretty brown domestic short hair and is about 9 years old. She is a sweet sensitive girl who just wants a bit of a fuss! She’s looking for a calm forever home with a garden she can explore. She’d like to be the only pet and wouldn’t like to live with children.

If you think you can offer Feme a forever home contact Chiltern Cats Protection:


Martin and Mitch

Mitch and Martin are a unique pair looking for a new home.

The mice are approximately one-year old Multimammate Mice.  This is a new breed to the world of house pets.  They are slightly larger than normal mice and mostly nocturnal.

They need a large enclosure and come as a pair.  They are quite jumpy and not used to being handled.  They would suit someone with experience of dealing with small mammals who is looking for some unique pets to become part of the family.

If you think you can offer Martin And Mitch a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:




Freya is a 2-year-old White & Brown crossbreed looking for her new home.

Freya is energetic and would make a fantastic running partner.  She enjoys getting out and about and needs an owner who can keep up with her!  Her ideal home will have no cats or children.  She could live with another dog but it’s not essential.

If you think you can offer Freya a forever home contact Chilterns Dog Rescue Society:



All dogs at the Rescue Centre are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked.


Meet Bryan. He is a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

This cheeky chappy is looking for experienced owners who can put in the time and love he deserves.

Bryan is a puppy at heart and is still in the process of being trained, so can still be a little boisterous when he plays.

Bryan isn’t too sure of other dogs so needs some work on ignoring other four-legged friends that includes cats, so he will need a cat free home.  However, he loves people, adores a cuddle, and is a real sweetheart.

If you think you can offer Bryan a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:

Willow & Tony

Willow and Tony are friends who are looking for a home together.

Willow an inquisitive character who is curious of new people and surroundings. However she can get a little nervous at times, so she will need confident owners who can give her lots of positive handling.

Tony is a confident and likes to come over and investigate new people. He can be a little wriggly and unsure when being handled but with lots of positive encouragement he should become a lovely family pet.

You'll need children over 7 to adopt this lovely pair, and like all rabbits, they need plenty of room to hop around and explore.

If you think you can offer Willow and Tony a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:


Sooty is a 3 year old Patterdale cross who needs a family.

Sooty lived in a home with another dog but would really prefer to be the only dog in the family.  She came in to the Rescue Centre because of a change of circumstances and already had a good level of obedience.  She is very active and would make a great walking companion for someone looking for a loyal friend.


If you think you can offer Sooty a forever home contact Chilterns Dog Rescue Society:


All dogs at the Rescue Centre are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked.


Bella is a 4 year old Tan cross breed female dog.

She was rescued from terrible conditions, where she was left in a house, found just sitting looking out of the window on a cushion surrounded by faeces and urine.

As a result she needs experienced adopters, who have no other pets and children aged over 10.

Bella is leading this years sponsored walk around Waddesdon Manor and has a just giving page if you would like to sponsor her.

If you think you can offer Bella a forever home contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm:






Fergal is looking for a new home full of love!

He was found as a stray in Chesham and he's had a rough time whilst living on the streets. He is building in confidence and since joining Twitter he has friends following his story all over the world!

He is looking for a forever home where he is the only pet and he's not around young children. He is also FIV so he needs to be an indoor cat. Fergal is on the look out for a family who can give him lots of attention and love!

If you think you can offer Fergal a forever home contact Chiltern Cats Protection:



Whistler is looking for his first ever real home

He is about 18 months old. Sadly, he was found living as a stray and he’s now ready to settle in to his forever home. He is a very sweet-tempered and friendly boy and he loves having a big fuss. He is hoping to find a loving home where he can enjoy cuddles, play with his toys and explore the garden. He would be fine in a home with children.


If you think you can offer Whistler a forever home contact Chiltern Cats Protection:

Fun Facts about your furry friends

Here are some fun facts from our friends at Aston Clinton Vets:


  • Cats can run 3mph faster than Usain Bolt
  • Cats sleep so much that by the time they are 9yrs old, they have only been awake for 3yrs of their life
  • Cats sweat through the pads of their paws
  • The ridged pattern on a cats nose is as unique as a human fingerprint
  • Cats purr at the equivalent rate of an idling diesel engine (up to 26 purrs per second)
  • The longest cat in the world is over 42 inches long
  • The longest ever living cat died at 38yrs and 3 days old
  • A cat can jump about 6 times its own height
  • The oldest breed of cat is an Egyptian Mau


  • A dog has between 125 million and 300 million scent glands depending on breed, compared to a human who has 5 million
  • Petting a dog can lower a humans blood pressure
  • Corgi is welsh for ‘dwarf dog’
  • Leaving your dog a piece of clothing which smells like you can help stop separation anxiety
  • The Basenji is the only breed of dog that can’t bark – it yodel’s
  • Bloodhounds are able to trace scents that are over 300hrs old
  • Dogs have at least 18 muscles in each ear
  • The Beatles included a whistle that is only audible to dogs in their hit song ‘A day in the life’
  • Dogs love paddling pools in hot weather