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Mix96 Lost & Found Pets

Here you'll find pets that have been lost and found. You can also submit a pet you or someone else may have lost or a pet that has been found.

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Found MoMo


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Lost MoMo

Belgium Mali dog, red coat. No collar. Well trained dog but will be frightened. Maybe hiding in a park, field in a back garden.
Went missing from the Tring road, was last seen around 9pm last night at turn furlong, could be around Bedgrove, Elm Farm, canal maybe even Weston Turville.
If anyone spots her please call owner on 07789345538
*****£250 reward *****

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Lost Toto

Gorgeous female parrot
Went missing from Haydon Hill about a week ago

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Lost Darcy

Very small black longhaired cat with white feet and white mouth marking. Is an inside cat that got out.

Very friendly however probably scared out of her mind now. Doesnt claw or bite.

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Lost Ellie

Ellie has recently had a lion cut that is started to grow out. She is black and white. No collar but she is microchipped.
Went missing on 29/03/20 from Walton court area.

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Lost Boo (Chipped as Anna)

Small black female, who's just under a year old. Orange eyes and a few white hairs on her chest and between her back legs. Shes been spayed and is allowed free roam of the area, but has not been seen since Sunday (29th) night. She doesn't have a collar, but does have a microchip, and has been missing from Prebendal.
More pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/gallery/OPB2qJ4

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Lost Ledley

Black large cat with white tummy. Very friendly went missing on 6th March on pemberton close area of elm farm Aylesbury and not seen since. He doesn’t wear a collar but he is microchipped. He is neutered

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Found I've named him as Nelson

Unnuetered black male found over 3 weeks ago in the Coxhill Way area of Grand Central development.

He's unchipped.

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Lost Clover

Clover is a Neutered female Cornish Rex who is light brown and white in colour with darker ears.

She is a very slender cat with hardly any fur. She is also quite vocal.

She is microchipped and registered at Aston Clinton Vets

Lost from Willow road/Vale Industrial Area/Chappell Close.

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Found Pearl

Cream/light brown springer spaniel (blonde ears) very shy scared of it own shadow (more scared of woman than men)

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Lost Jingles

Cat missing Haydon Hill area!!!!
His name is Jingles and he didn't return home since Monday 16th December !!! He was not wearing a collar at that time. Black with white patches, short hair, 11 month old by this time.not microchipped.

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Lost Trinny

Lost since Tuesday 14th January since 6am. She is an amputee, and is missing her back left leg.

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Found Found Monks Risborough

Monks Risborough - Does this cat belong to anyone? For the last four weeks (although hes been around longer than that) this boy has practically moved into my mums house, he spends all day in her garden, and at night he goes in through the cat flap and sleeps in her conservatory! So much so that her cat doesn't mind him at all!
PS she doesn't feed him

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Found Elmo

Please to report he's home

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Lost Elmo

Black with just a little white tuft of hair on his front, very languid in the way he walks. Been missing since Sunday 5TH January 2020

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Lost Papu

Lost an African Grey Parrot
Its grey in colour and has a Red and Black tail.
It can fly very well.
It flew away from Hampden Gardens area on the Boxing day 26th Dec around 3PM.

Anybody who comes across, kindly contact me. I have known him for more than 15 years and its a fussy eater.
He likes cereal for breakfast!!!!

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Found Rocks

Rocks has now been found safe and well. Many thanks for everyone's support and kindness for helping us find him.

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Lost Rocks

Big Ridgeback. Lost at Aston Clinton park. 30/12/2019. Last seen 1pm heading along main road towards Tring

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Lost Jou Jou

Blue-point , blue eyes, blue collar, pet tag, micro chipped, 4 years old, short hair

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Lost Bigcat

Bigcat has been missing from the south court area for 9+ days, he's short and chunky, he's never been gone for more than 3 days. Could people check their sheds around the prebendal Avenue area please. Thank you

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