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The Empty House Band

Members: Charles, Harry, Toby, Joe, Tom

Location: Chesham

Genre: Electric Folk Rock Pop

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The Empty House Band

All About The Empty House Band

5 piece from Chesham. Highly uneducated. Very enthusiastic.

Folky fingerpicked stratocasters (Knopfler meets Merle Travis), in front of hip-hop J Dilla beats, with Motown Bass lines (James Jamerson reincarnate with more beard), guitar solos from the school of Davey Gilmour, 5 part harmonies (the oldest form of male bonding) - and a warrior poet leading us all from the front.

3 demos on youtube - Park Parade, Jacket, Said Too Much

1 single - Believe Me, I Will

3 songs about to drop any day now - Sweeter The Sound, Piece Yourself, CAVALRY

Youtube videos from The Empty House Band:

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