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Members: Robbyn Snow (vocals), Stephen Patmore (guitar and spoken word), Ian 'Bass Tart' Newman (double bass and backing vocals) and Mark Gordon (cajon / acoustic drums / percussion).

Location: Hertfordshire

Genre: Wood Rock / Acoustic Pastiche

Song Title: Distracted

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All About DodoBones

DodoBones - we play songs. Some are ours, some are other people's.

Our 'official PR'y bit' is that we've been going since 2009, and that we "attract attention with our own music, plus raw, imaginative covers".

The non-PR line is that we love playing our own stuff but it's a tough gigging world out there so we also do covers... but we're not too good at following the generic covers band format so we end up just playing the songs that we want, a little bit differently - and we have a lot of fun that way!

We've been described as 'wood rock' (someone said that its because we play natural acoustic instruments and but do powerhouse performances) though that's maybe a smidge misleading - 'acoustic-bouncy-alternativecovers-folk' is a bit long-winded though. We feature Robbyn Snow on vocals, Stephen Patmore on guitar and spoken word, Ian Newman on double bassist and Mark Gordon on acoustic percussion.

We're currently working on our 4th studio album but our current is on iTines, Spotify and soundcloud. AND we're working on a new website (for said album launch) so in the meantime, you can find us on Facebook under @DodoBones.

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