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Location: Walkern, Hertfordshire

Genre: Punk/Indie Pop

Song Title: Back Off

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All About DIDI

‘Young, feisty, boisterous punky art pop that has a touch of the Victoria Wood and Razorlights about it and it’s rather delightful.’ Starts the first review of DIDI’s third single, which it gained as a result of attracting joint top votes in Tom Robinson’s new music portal Fresh on the Net. The competition is intense so for DIDI’s track to be #1 for the week’s Fresh Faves is an honour that is not lost on her.

DIDI proceeded to self produce and self released her first slice of ‘kick ass’ pop punk at the end of March 2017 in the form of 'Sorry' kicking this whole new adventure off. DIDI has since gained five BBC 6 Music spins, from both Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson.So now DIDI juggles her blossoming solo career and equally successful production activities, as well as being an active award winning producer and member of the MPG (Music Producers Guild) and on the Beats board for the FAC (Featured Artists Coalition). A nomination for Best Solo Female artist Award in September for the NMG Awards was icing on the cake.

Not many 22 year olds can say that they’ve been in bands for 12 years, however Walkern based Lauren Deakin Davies started off in a funk/grunge band when she was ten, progressed to a folkish ukulele harmony group at 15 which developed into a pop duo Delora in her late teens. A career as a self employed music producer started when she was 18, encouraged by Herts based independent label Folkstock Records which has gained multiple BBC Radio 2, 3 and 6 spins and reviews in national papers and magazines for their 50+ releases. Considerable touring as a session guitarist, often helping the artists she had recorded, over the last two years helped Lauren realise that her heart was split and in fact lay in performance as well as production. So Lauren launched an ‘indie’ music solo project called DIDI (pronounced Dee Dee) to showcase her songwriting and provide an outlet for her love of live performance, in March last year.

Not your average girl and a guitar experience live, audiences enjoy distorted guitars and a customised looper and effects board, complementing vocals which range from angelic to aggressive with a touch of a cappella thrown in for good measure.

DIDI's first release 'Sorry' showcased her distinctive electric guitar sound, which stands out in the current musical climate and has been likened to the Brit Pop hay days. Her raw lyrics, tinged with a charming sense of humour and irony grace each of her recordings, which are debut single ‘Sorry’ a self produced self release (Friday 24th March). Awkward, also self released self produced (28th April) and Back Off (produced by Rhiannon Mair) which was out on 28th August. All 2017. And now Fast and Furious (also produced by Rhiannon Mair and co written with Russell Swallow, is the first release of 2018 and will be on DIDI's EP which is due out in the autumn.

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