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Location: Hertfordshire

Genre: Indie-Electronic/R&B/Jazz

Song Title: NIGHTGALE - Pretender

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Based in Hertfordshire, 22-year old Ken Petalcorin grew up in a musically driven environment from a young age of five. Having been exposed to various musical genres such as jazz, classical music and rock throughout his childhood, it influenced him to pick up and learn the guitar and drums using self-taught methods from the young age of 10-years old.

Ken has been writing and recording original songs since the age of 14 and eventually made his debut into the music industry in an indie-rock band called “Eutony” as lead singer and guitarist, gaining a breakthrough debut at their first single release. The band garnered attention from various music blogs and organizations such as Poule D’Or, Hey Indie, Dots & Dashes, Don’t Need No Melody and Rough Trade NYC; even invited to play at the Great Escape Festival in 2013. After a variety of shows, the band eventually fell through due to the members moving on to new beginnings.

As he moved to new beginnings, Ken decided to pursue a solo music project under the moniker NIGHTGALE and created music infusing experimental electronica with R&B, jazz and future bass elements. He began learning to produce and master music from the summer of 2016. With his upcoming EP, Because We Grow, soon to be released, he writes songs about the journey of growing up in life and through his music. His latest release, Pretender, conveys messages of the experience of betrayal and deception.

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