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Members: Jenna Naylor-Tymon, Paige Ellis, James Single, George Price, Andreas Milns

Location: London

Genre: Neo-Soul

Song Title: S.T.A.Y

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All About Lyra

Lyra is a London five set Neo Soul - Electronic pop group combining epic and sweeping vocals, driving and rhythmic guitar lines, with a euphoric rhythmic sound. Lyra have been hard at work shaping a style and groove that can’t be ignored. In an age of recording artists, it is truly refreshing to find a band that is as good, if not better live than on recording.Lyra comprises Paige Ellis's drum beats with funk edge aplenty, George Price's smooth base lines, James Skingle's R+B licks to his heavy solos, Andreas Milns Jazzy Keys, and Jenna Naylor-Tymon's soulful yet haunting vocals. Their neo-soul originals ooze an irresistibly euphoric rhythm.

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