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Location: Milton Keynes

Genre: Hip Hop

Song Title: Manifesto

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All About Olivier

Bringing lyricism back to the UK scene; Olivier is an independent artist hailing from the northern suburbs of London.

His debut single 'Manifesto' scrutinises the intentions behind our current political climate. In a nation, and indeed a world, where political divisions deepen by the day, this track helps to identify prominent issues within our society and how to solve them.

Olivier has been a producer, writer and recording artist since 2017 but started releasing music following the death of Cadet - a prominent influence. He tries to incorporate early influences of older music such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix into his music production whilst incorporating 'old-school' lyricism inspired by MC's such as Eminem.

Olivier, whose real name is Larry Mills, started off in the entertainment industry as an actor; playing the lead role in the Emmy Award Winning BBC film 'Lost Christmas' in 2011. He is hoping to expand his creativity beyond the camera and into the speakers.

Youtube videos from Olivier:

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