Tiggywinkles Spectrum Hour supporting Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Venue Name:
Tiggywinkles Visitor Centre

The Wildlife Hospital Trust, St. Tiggywinkles, Aston Road, Aylesbury HP17 8AF

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Supporting: Join in and help us support Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Sunday 10th May, 2020
10:00am to 11:00am

Tiggywinkles Visitor Centre are excited to announce the trialling of a Sunday morning spectrum hour. Aimed to assist anyone who would benefit from a quieter visit before the general public are allowed in. Visitors are welcome to wander the centre or listen to a talk with their families or a carer free of charge during this hour.
Relevant paperwork will need to be show at the entrance for each family group and each spectrum visitor can bring up to 5 additional family members to enjoy a visit.
Documentation can include any one of the following -
EHCP, Disability Living allowance or attendance allowance (dated within last 12 months,) Personal Independence Payment letter (dated within last 12 months,) a blue badge, or a letter from GP or consultant (dated within 12 months) confirming the need for a full time carer. This doesn't need to be a letter of diagnosis.

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