Local Radio Day 1200px 2017

Proper Local Radio

Local Radio Day is on the 25th May and celebrates proper local radio.

Mix96 has been broadcasting to Buckinghamshire for 24 years. In that time they have been providing local news and information, helping local businesses to prosper and thrive, supporting community projects and making a difference to the people that live here.

And we are proper local, everything you hear comes from our studios in Aylesbury and we only talk about stuff going on in Bucks and the surrounding area.

History of Mix96

The story of how Mix96 came to air in Buckinghamshire. Click here to find out who set it up, how it began and some of the fun between then and now!

A-Z of Bucks

Everything you need to know about Bucks! We've been broadcasting for so long we reckon we know the area pretty well, here are our alphabetical highlights.

24 Years in Bucks

A lot has happened over the last couple of decades, here we take a look at life in Buckinghamshire since Mix96 launched

What's happened in Bucks

We're a proper local radio station so we are always bringing you the news from where you live. Here's a look back at all the news we've reported on over the last 12 months

New Music From Bucks

We're finding the best local un-signed talent and we're bringing it to you.