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lovin your work

We're sent  Nathan to work places across Buckinghamshire, and you can see where he's been and what he's been doing here.

Sue Farrington-Smith is the charity's Chief Executive.While packing boxes for Wear A Hat Day, she told us more about the charity;


Hugh Adams, Head of National Campaigns, explains more about Wear A Hat Day, the charity's aims, and it's roots in Buckinghamshire;


Wear A Hat Day is on March 27th and you can find out more here

Nicky runs the business with her husband Keith. She tells us more about the company, their fabulous furniture, and the shop dog Lucy;



If you have a piece of furniture that you would like restored or given a new lease of life, here's what you do;




You might hear Keith singing a few tunes while he works on the furniture as he has a rather interesting musical background;


Tom Ley owns Yokel Yogurts. He tells us more about the yogurts, and why he wanted to start the business;


We talk to Tom about his background, why he wanted to start the business, and whether it was brave or stupid to go it alone from scratch;


More on the process, Tom's favourite flavour, and where you can sample the yogurts for yourself;



Nathan meets Jim McKeller, who owns Orchard View Farm with his wife Helen, to find out more about life on the farm;


Helen tells us more about the Farm's cafe, while Nathan tries the breakfast he prepared, including the home made baked beans;


Jim and Helen are organising lots of things over half term, and in the coming months. Helen explains more;



Kevin Pollard tells us it's going since the doors opened and more about kids parties;


More on the future of the complex, including karting, and the positions available at Rogue;



Assistant Manager, and mean bowler, Ian Bishop gives Nathan a quick master class in bowling the perfect ball...



Natalie Whicker works at the Chandlery, and lives on a boat herself. She told Nathan all about the shop and life on the water;


Natalie had Nathan packings logs while he was there, and also told him about the strangest request she has dealt with;


The area around the Marina at the Cow Roast is rich in history, and Natalie has a real passion for the place;




Directors Paddy and Paul tell us more about the businesses and their spectacular new premises at Quainton;


How fixing tractors helped Paddy get where he is today, how the company started and why you will regularly see their products without realising it;


From staircases to windows and doors, and plenty more besides, the guys explain how the company can help you.



Annette Cook runs the Busy Living After School team and tells us more about what they do;



It's not just school clubs, they also offer a mobile creche service, which has attracted celebs! More about them, and Annette's background;



Busy Living also offer holiday clubs, and are always on the lookout for new staff. Annette explains more, starting with the club venues;



Phillipa Taylor is a Activities Co-ordinator and tells us all about Carers Bucks, and in particular the work they do with children as young as 6;


Some of the children that Young Carers Bucks help tell us why they use the service and how it benefits them;



Community Fundraiser Sandy Brisco explains what we can do to help;




Rachael Foster, PA to the executive of Petlog, tells us more about the organisation


Rachael explains the benefits of micro-chipping your pet and how the system works


There's more to what Petlog do then just microchipping, as Rachael explains



Nathan has been put too work The Coffee Tree Spooky cupcakes for Halloween!

Sheena Cairnie owns the Coffee Tree and tells us why she loves her work;


The Coffee Tree is tucked away on George Street, and Sheena says many people dont know about it;


Sheena is planning something new for the business and gave us a sneak preview;



Visitor Experience Manager, Sian, tells describes he history of the museum and what you can see there;


Throughout the year he museum runs a variety of special events, including a Halloween Experience. Sian explains more about them;


It's not just a museum, there are lots of other things you can do there too - even get married! Sian tells us more;



Captain Tomkins explains what the 2IC Operational Hygiene Squadron do


Captain Tomkins tells us more about the hours invovled if you join, and how it works alongside a full time job


Captain Tomkins hasn't always been in the army. Here she tells us about her background;



Manager Lorraine Tavender gives us a history of the centre, and explains how it's changing as it expands;


You can go to classes at the centre, or hire it for parties or social events. One of the newest additions is the music suite which anyone can use, as Lorraine explains;


Aylesbury School of Theatre Dance uses the centre for classes. Here's Principle Gloria Bennett;



Find out more about the company with Director Colin Barton;


Colin explains how they don't only deal with trade. Coldene can help with your home diy projects too;


Lee Morrison is Sales Manager for the company. He tells us more about this role;



Paul Kitching tells us more about the museum and what's on display;


Museum manager Paul explains how it's funded, and more about founder Lionel Walter Rothschild;


Paul tells us about the upcoming events and how the museum continues to grow;



William Stanier, Cabinet member for the environment, explains how Aylesbury's recycling has improved in recent years;


Neil Blake, Leader of AVDC, tells us more about Aylesbury's commitment to recycling and the financial benefits of it;



David Clark is one of the team leaders on the rounds, and he explains what we can do to help on collection day;



Jonathan Barnett heads up the furniture restoration team, and tells us more about the project



Lesley Gorton is Head of Retail for the charity. She explains more about the service the charity offers


Lesley talks about how important donations of furniture are, and who tends to donate



Chris Williams runs the Chandos Arms with his wife. He tells us about why they decided to take it over;



As part of the menu they have introduced a Man vs Food style competition. Chris explains more about the challenge and what you get if you succeed;



The team have lots of events throughout the year, and Chris highlights some of the upcoming ones;



Stephen Smyth, Marketing Manager at ATG Training, tells us more about the business;


Stephen explains more about the apprenticeships on offer, how much you earn, and how to apply;


ATG also run a Cycle Maintenance scheme, and Stephen tells us more about it;


Jules from the Cycle Maintenance department demonstrates the "M" check - a quick guide to ensure you bike is safe.


Owner Rob takes us on a tour and explains what makes the perfect chip;


Rob has plenty of experience in the fish and chip trade, and tells us how the industry has changed;


With the school opposite have been demolished, Rob has seen a change in trade, and his plans to address it;



Sarah and Katrina started the service together, and explain exactly what they offer children and young adults;


As a fairly new service, funding is still an issue. Sarah tells us how they are doing currently, and also broke the news to Nathan that you would bathing a pig;


Jed and Joel both visit the farm on Stoke Mandeville. They told Nathan about the difference it has made to them;


Mike tells us more about the business and how they can help whatever your storage needs;


Nathan was keen to find out about the more unusual or large items that customer had wanted to store;


Browns Removals regularly deal with Store N Go. Gary from Browns tells us more;



Jacqui owns The Jewellery Lady. She tells us more about her shop, and how she came to share it with Holy Cow, Home;


Poonam runs Holy Cow, Home with her business partner Rita. She explains more about what they sell, and the reason behind the name;


Poonam's husband Avi is taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle ride for the British Heart Foundation on Father's Day;




Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks is a fitness instructions and has taught Rosemary Conley classes for 6 years;


After Nathan took part in the session (see the video below) Joanna had this to say about his performance and technique;



Nathan talks to Jill, who is retired and has been going to Joanna's classes since they started;



Nathan meets Sharon Jacobs, Senior Wildlife Expert, and gets stuck into cleaning out the headgehogs;


Sharon explains how to handle large animals, like badgers or foxes, without hurting them, or yourself - something Nathan was keen to avoid!


Sharon tells us about the strangest animals she has encountered, and what it takes to volunteer at Tiggywinkles;



Nathan meets Nigel the bagman to find out about the life of an Aylesbury Market trader;


Time to find out what the current must have design is when it comes to bags!



Gaynor tells Nathan more about the services on offer, and why she got involved;


The service is run entirely by volunteers, and Gaynor says more are always welcome;


Jim and Jill tell us about their experience volunteering and what it means to them;



Nathan meets Jim Gregory to find out my about IC Video and the services they offer;


Although staff don't watch the videos all the way through, Nathan wondered if they'd ever seen anything they shouldn't:



IC Video's website features an action man figure in all the pictures...why?!;



Nathan meets supervisor Susan Turnbull to find out more about the salon;


We find out how tense Nathan is as he gets an introductory back massage from Therapist Victor;



Having attempted to paint "Mini-Cooper's" nails once, Nathan needs a lesson in doing it properly;



Nathan meets Kirsty to find out more about the business and the food;


Time for Nathan to make a Scotch Egg - this is the first bit. See the end product in the video below!


Kirsty tells us more about where you can buy their speciality Scotch Eggs;



Find out more about Calibre with Liz Clarke, head of Funraising and Marketing;


Liz explains why volunteers are vital to the charity, and reveals the most popular book for members recently;


The charity have had some help from some very important, and powerful people, as Liz explains;



Nathan catches up with MD Ian Watson;


Ian tells Nathan about the history of the company;



Director Juliette Taylor tells Nathan all the service Hartwells offer, including their special charity offer;


Nathan attempts to conduct a house viewing in 90 seconds, using Lara from Hartwells as the prospective buyer, but how would he get on;


If you are thinking about selling your home, Phil from Hatwells has his top tips to help you out;



Nathan meets Nigel to find out more about the business - and the chocolate!


More about Rumseys, and how Nigel goes about designing new tastes and treats;


And Nathan couldn't leave without having a go, under Nigel's supervision of course;



Christina tells us the shop is very different to what she used to do;


Christina says working in fancy dress puts the pressure on when you go to a party, and then picks an outfit for Nathan;


Divine Diva support a charity that is very close to Christina's heart;



Nathan meets Graham Parr, MD of Gartec


Nathan gets a quick lesson in lift servicing from Vern at Gartec;


Crispin Satchel is Head of Sales at Gartec;



Nathan meets Sarah to find out more about the company;


Nathan makes a hand tied bouquet, with a little help from manager Sarah;



And Sarah has some tips for helping your flowers last longer;




Find out more Harris and Hoole as Nathan chats to the manager, Luke Shaughnessy;



After meeting the boss, it was time for Nathan to make a coffee, with a little help from Lesley;




Andrew gives us a history of the brewery and introduces us to Molly the brewery dog;



Ben explains more about what the brewery are planning for 2014, including a zebra race in Tring;



Barry gives us a tour of the brewery and reveals how many pints they brew per year;