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Buckingham's candidates talk HS2

We hear what they would do to represent constituents.

Published at 5:56pm 9th December 2019. 3-minute read.

Buckingham's candidates talk HS2

This morning, we heard from Aylesbury's general election candidates on HS2 and now it's Buckingham's turn.

We've asked all the candidates hoping to be the area's next MP how they would represent voters on one of the most-talked about issues.

Here are their answers, in alphabetical order.

Andrew Bell - Brexit Party

Andrew Bell

Andrew told us:

"I'm standing for the one party that has made it absolutely explicit that HS2 will be cancelled.

"No ifs, not buts, it will be cancelled immediately and that will release more than £100bn and enable more important things to be done."

Stephen Dorrell - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Dorrell

Stephen said:

"You can actually get far more trains onto a train track these days than was the case when HS2 was first thought of.

"Secondly, of course, the price has more than doubled.

"Against those two fundamental changes, it seems right that this project be examined anew without any pre-existing conditions."

David Morgan - Labour Party

David Morgan

David said:

"It's going to have a big environmental impact, but to what benefit?

"To take people off the planes, to take people off cars. Is that going to happen?

"It's a vanity project, it looks great to be involved in the planning of it but it's going to blight lives and blight, permanently, this area."

Greg Smith - Conservative

Greg Smith

Greg told us:

"The business case doesn't stack up, it's going to cost over £100bn and it doesn't even bring any benefit to us here in Buckinghamshire and it barely benefits people living in London, Birmingham, Manchester, either, with the trains now running much slower than they were meant to."

Ned Thompson - Independent

Ned Thompson

Ned said:

"I completely oppose HS2.

"I think the recent estimation of the cost is over £100bn, which is what Mr. Johnson has said.

"I want to scrap it completely and instead invest the money in already existing infrastructure and increase local funding."

Antonio Vitello - English Democrats

Antonio Vitello

Antonio said:

"It's just a complete waste of taxpayers money and it's all for the sake so that Eurocrats from Brussels can see a perfectly straight line on the railway map between London and Birmingham.

"It's going to ruin our countryside at the taxpayer's expense and again that is money which could be put into the existing railway, including the Oxford to Cambridge railway."

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