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Buckingham's candidates on Brexit

We asked them all how they would represent the constituency on the big talking point.

Published at 5:38am 10th December 2019. 3-minute read.

Buckingham's candidates on Brexit

Aylesbury Vale reflected the national picture when it came to the EU referendum.

Three years on, we have asked Buckingham's candidates in the election how they would represent both sides.

Listen to all of their answers below

All are in alphabetical order.

Andrew Bell - Brexit Party

Andrew Bell

Andrew said:

"When you look at opinion today, a lot of the people who were remainers are remainers then who now think that because the vote has been held, we have to observe it.

"Therefore they are leavers in practical terms, although they may not be leavers in spirit."

Stephen Dorrell - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Dorrell

Stephen told us:

"The whole Brexit project has ended up in a mess and it is high time that our country focused back on improving public services, addressing the climate change emergency, improving our economic prospects.

"Those are the real issues in politics."

David Morgan - Labour Party

David Morgan

David said they will negotiate a new deal:

"That deal will be put to the people and they will choose, either to go ahead with Brexit or to remain.

"I don't think there is any deal which can better what we have already got, but whatever the people decide, Labour will implement it."

Greg Smith - Conservative

Greg Smith

Greg told us:

"I know from going door-to-door, there is enormous frustration that there was a vote, there was a clear result across the country and they want to move on.

"They want to get Brexit done, respect democracy, respect that referendum result."

Ned Thompson - Independent

Ned Thompson

Ned said:

"I think in the short to mid-term, we would have been better off economically and politically, however I think we should leave with a deal, compromise and cooperate as a country, look forward and instead focus on other important factors."

Antonio Vitello - English Democrats

Antonio Vitello

Antonio told us:

"Yes in terms of Brexit, I am a strong Brexiteer.

"We voted to leave, even though it was only 52% versus 48%, at the end of the day we voted forl eave.

"Brexit is Brexit, it's not soft Brexit or hard Brexit, all that sort of stuff."

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