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How Buckingham's candidates feel about the Expressway

We have spoken to all of them about the controversial road planned for Aylesbury Vale.

Published at 1:48pm 11th December 2019. 3-minute read.

How Buckingham's candidates feel about the Expressway

One of the big issues Aylesbury Vale is facing is the potential new road straight through the middle.

So we've been talking to the Buckingham candidates about how they feel about the Expressway.

Here is what they had to say.

Candidates are in alphabetical order.

Andrew Bell - Brexit Party

Andrew Bell

Andrew said:

"Nobody has made a cost benefit analysis that really shows how the road itself works.

"The road is supposed to be part of a complete economic development that involves the provision of a lot of extra houses, which of course solves a different problem.

"But this is the wrong place to put housing."

Stephen Dorrell - Liberal Democrats

Stephen Dorrell

Stephen said:

"I am in favour of improved East-West road communication and I am in favour of development in Buckinghamshire.

"But I am not in favour of the east west Expressway, which I think is a Whitehall project imposed on Buckinghamshire."

David Morgan - Labour Party

David Morgan

David told us:

"'If there is a problem, solve it by putting a motorway in!'

"No. We should be looking at having alternatives to the car.

"Even if we are able to get to the point of having cars that don't pollute, we have still got the congestion and every motorway that's built, within a few years there is the congestion problem."

Greg Smith - Conservative

Greg Smith

Greg has spoken to the Transport Secretary:

"A majority Conservative government will put the Expressway into a priority review.

"But most importantly he said that East West Rail, improvements to existing local roads and installing new cycle highways will be delivered instead of the Expressway."

Ned Thompson - Independent

Ned Thompson

Ned said it should be scrapped:

"Instead we can invest this in the East West railway, fully electrified.

"I think the most recent estimation would be about half a billion pounds, which is ten-times cheaper than the current estimation for the Expressway."

Antonio Vitello - English Democrats

Antonio Vitello

Antonio said:

"It's just a completely unnecessary waste of taxpayers' money.

"The money could be far better spent on the Oxford to Cambridge railway link, which would benefit Winslow by putting the railway station back in Winslow.

"I grew up in Winslow, I know how vital the railway is."

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