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More People Seeking Christmas Debt Help: So How To Save Money?

Dan's been talking to people who deal with the fall-out and finding out about ways to save a few quid.

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:50am 7th December 2015. (Updated at 6:58am 7th December 2015) 3-minute read.

More People Seeking Christmas Debt Help: So How To Save Money?

Hundreds of people will end up in debt this Christmas in Buckinghamshire.

That's according to Citizens Advice, who help those with debt and family issues and saw a big rise in the number of people coming to them in January.

Benedicta Lesoye, from the CAB, told us debt can lead to all sorts of issues, from housing to relationship breakdowns.

Dan's been talking to her and finding out about ways to save a few quid:


This is Dan's shopping list for Christmas dinner, plus a few little extras to get an idea of what you'd be spending: 

Parsnips  85p  79p  79p
Carrots  60p  60p  49p
Sprouts  £1  £1.80  89p (Frozen)
Potatoes  £2  £2  £1.89 
Pigs in Blankets  £5  £4  £2.29
Turkey  £33.75  £48  £15 (Frozen)
Stuffing Mix  £1  £1.25  37p
Gravy Mix  £1.50  £2  79p
Party Food/Canapes  £7  £15  £5.47
Christmas Pudding  £4  £6.50  £3.99
Christmas Cake  £8  £10  £4.99
Cheese Board  £5  £5.75  £3.57
Chocolate Selection Box  £4  £5  £3.99
TOTAL £73.70 £102.69 £44.52

(N.B. All products were selected for similarity to one another to be as accurate a comparison as possible. Other priced items may be available)


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A couple of other money saving tips:

  • Why not make the gifts yourself? Sites like Pinterest are really great for making personalised things you might see on certain other sites that seem too expensive.
  • Dan says he always get together with my sisters to buy for our parents, meaning they get something bigger than if they bought separatley, but it costs a little less each.

If you're worried about debt this Christmas, you can contact Aylesbury CAB on 0344 4111 444 or by going to

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