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Time Ticking To Tell House Of Lords Your Views On HS2

Campaigners and homeowners affected by HS2 are being urged to let the House of Lords know what they think NOW.

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 8:00am 2nd April 2016. 3-minute read.

Time Ticking To Tell House Of Lords Your Views On HS2

People fighting the impact of HS2 in Buckinghamshire need to act now to have their say in the House of Lords.

That's from the people leading the campaign here, as new petitions need to be in by the 18th.

A similar process has just happened in the House of Commons.

Hilary Wharf, from HS2 Action Alliance, is hoping for a better deal for Bucks this time round:

"I think that it's going to be very difficult to get the sorts of answers that we want and I think we're going to be in the Lords, very soon, and we're going to be crawling over these issues once again.

"But what I hope is that we can get some assurances that improve the situation that we've got."

Campaigners have spent the best part of a year in front of the House of Commons committee on the high-speed line from London to Birmingham.

Petitioners have been told they can use the same arguments again, they'll just be for a different audience.

The Lords cannot make dramatic changes to the Bill, however.

But in a letter to constituents, MP David Lidington has said he'd like to look at getting Aylesbury Vale a station:

One of the main complaints from people in my constituency has been that they are expected to take all the pain for HS2 but they get no benefit in terms of access to improved transport infrastructure themselves.

At present, there is no provision in the HS2 Phase One scheme for any intermediate station between London and Birmingham.

The justification originally given for not proposing any intermediate stations was that to have any intermediate stop would result in a loss of speed and travel time and that this would weaken the cost benefit case for HS2.

In the light of the focus on capacity and on the importance of interconnectivity, it seems to me that the strategic case for an intermediate station is worth revisiting.

In addition, it seems to me that it would be a missed opportunity for HS2 to cross the new Oxford to Cambridge East-West line without an interconnecting station.

I continue to press the relevant Ministers to revisit this question.

He also joins the call for people to get in now and have a say.

The deadline is April 18th.

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