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A Modest Hero Meets The Aylesbury Man She Saved

A Modest Hero Meets The Aylesbury Man She Saved

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:45am 9th August 2016. (Updated at 2:11pm 9th August 2016)

Most of us may want to forget the accident that led to paralysis, but one Aylesbury man went on a search to find the truth - and the person that saved him.

Twenty years ago Luke Delahunty was travelling to work in Norfolk on his motorbike when he overtook a line of traffic.

He was then hit by a tractor turning right; and run over by its trailer.

A quick thinking passerby got out of her car and automatically assessed the situation, keeping Luke stable until an ambulance came.

That stranger was Karen Davis, but without knowing her name, Luke had struggled to find her for the past 20 years.

Until this year when, thanks to a social media push, he found her. 

And went to meet her.

They met in a pub in Norfolk, before heading to the site of the accident.

Was it as emotional as he thought:

"I wasn't nervous about it all, I was looking forward to meeting her. There is so much that happened over the last 20 years that I wanted to share with her.

"When we met in a pub and it was; hi, how you doing; really very relaxed, not as an emotional meeting as I expected it to be. We chatted for about four hours."

After the inital meeting in a pub, they went to visit the crash site.

"(I had a) morbid curiosity - I knew the road it happened on, but I didn't know exactly where or what happened.

"I have no memory of it. I wanted to get some closure - I learnt a few things about that day and what happened.

"My injuries were quite severe - but I was flailing around - and Karen said I punched her in the face a couple of times, so I apologised for that."


On the fateful day Karen was also on her way to work, she told Luke what she thought before it all happened.

"She was toward the back of the queue when I zoomed past her, her thoughts were - what was that idiot doing - then the tractor turned in front of me and that was that.

"She left her car immediately and made her way over to me and thought ABC (airways, breathing, circulation). Straight away her nursing training was in her mind and she wanted to help."

Luke has thought Karen; the hero that saved him, but she was adamant that it was a team effort. She kept Luke stable until the ambulance arrived 20 minutes later.

"I had a broken neck and if someone else had arrived and didn't know what to do I wouldn't have survived."

Karen didn't get off Scott-free from the accident though.

"She did tell me that she was seriously affected by it and that she had counseling sometime afterwards - that was difficult for me to hear really.

"One of the things she first disclosed to me was that when I was in a the hospital (after the accident) I said 'why didn't you let me die' I don't remember saying that, and I told her when we met that I hoped (those words) weren't too difficult to carry for the next 20 years."

The campaign to find Karen is over, does he better in himself?

"I had quite a busy weekend, and it was a real whirlwind and then I am back at work - I haven't had the downtime to process it all really.

"It has been a great weekend and I do feel better to have met her and to have the opportunity to thank her."

Will they keep in touch?


Luke will be at the Paralympic celebration at Vale Park on 2nd September.

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