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12-Year-Old's Brain Tumour Back After Year Of Fighting

Ollie Gardiner's parents have found some hope - a treatment that costs £100,000

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:47am 3rd October 2016. 3-minute read.

12-Year-Old's Brain Tumour Back After Year Of Fighting

Three operations, 34 radiotherapy sessions and several doses of chemo - that's what one boy from Aston Clinton's been through this year.

But his brain tumour still hasn't gone away.

Ollie Gardiner was told in May that he was probably in the clear, but a test in September showed the cancer was back and incurable.

His dad Peter said:

"It's hard to believe that this is reality, I keep thinking that I'm going to wake up.

"You kind of tell yourself... you kind of know... but you still can't believe it's happening to you.

"It's always something that happens to other people, it doesn't happen to you. But then one day it is you.

"I still can't believe it."

Listen to the full interview here:

Ollie's story so far

  • He wakes up with headaches and is sick a lot
  • Peter and Jane take him to the GP, who thought it was nothing to worry about
  • They insisted on an MRI scan
  • That found a mass as big as a golf ball in the back of Ollie's brain - May 2015
  • He then underwent an 8 hour op, which only removed half the tumour
  • That left him without the ability to speak, swallow, stand, walk or use his right hand
  • Then there were two more brain operations, 3 cycles of chemo, 34 sessions of radiotherapy and 7 more chemotherapy cycles.

But 12-year-old Ollie has stayed amazingly positive through all of this - nurses argued over who should treat him -  and that's helped Peter and mum, Jane, to not give up.

ollie and family 3 hospital

Ollie with his family

Another option

Peter told us he's been looking for an answer:

"I've spent every day scouring the internet, talking to people from Israel, America, all over the world and we've identified a treatment in Austria that will have a very good chance, still roughly 50/50, but in the cancer world that's good - it could make him well again."

The £100k bill

Now, though, they need to find £100,000 to make that happen.

They've raised part of that, but more help is needed.

Peter said:

"Ollie's nervous now, but he always has faith that we're going to find a way through and we've always tried to approach this that there is a way past this problem and that's what we've always told him.

"He has faith that we will find a solution this time."

Belief alone won't make this work - if you can help this family, click here.

ollie 2


ollie and family 1

Ollie and family

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