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Aylesbury mum with terminal cancer to get married thanks to fundraiser

sarah bryant and family

1:25pm 12th January 2018

A mum from Aylesbury with terminal cancer says she's overwhelmed, as the community's helped her raise over £6,000 to help her get married before she dies.

Sarah's story

Sarah Bryant was first diagnosed over a year ago with a tumour on her left leg under her knee.

After an intense course of chemo which ended in Janurary last year, the specialist decided it wasn't working as they'd hoped, so Sarah was moved on to 6 weeks of radiotherapy.

Sadly this had no effect on the tumour either, so the specialist decided the next best option was surgery.

The tumour was removed successfully, but it left Sarah with no calf muscle, a weak knee joint and constant pain and shaking.

sarah bryant 2


After 10 weeks on crutches a scan revealed the tumour had returned, and spread into her lymph nodes. More surgery was required - and despite a successful operation a further scan revealed the cancer had moved to Sarah's lungs.

This led the specialist to recommend another round of chemotherapy which again had no effect.

On Sarah's fund raising page, she wrote:

'My recent pet scan revealed our absolute worst fears, the chemo had not worked and my metastatic lump in my lung has doubled in size, I had never seen anything like it - one big mass of synovial sarcoma the same rare type of cancer I have had through this whole year.'

'It has just been relentlessly chasing through my left side and it is going to kill me.'

'There is no way of telling how much time I have left although I can tell it’s not long as my breathing is all wrong and I struggle to walk some days.'

'The oncologist cannot tell me and, to be honest, I don’t want to know - it could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years we just don’t know.'

'Time is so precious to me now, I have a 6 year old beautiful boy called Ben who is absolutely devoted to me and if you like, in many ways, a mini me - we do everything together and he is honestly the best kid ever.'

'I am so proud of him and it breaks my heart to know I will not be around to see him grow into a man - he is my angel and I am his.'

sarah bryant

Luke, Ben and Sarah

Bucket list

Sarah and her partner have been together for 18 years, and engaged for 15 but never actually got married. She's decided it's one of the things she wants to do, along with a list of others, before she passes.

On her fund raising page Sarah continued:

'We are finally looking to get married after a 15 year engagement and go on a family holiday, lots of things for my son to remember his mummy by in happiness and not in pain.'

'So, Ben, Luke, my family and I are calling on you, you lovely people out there to help by donating to my making memories cause.'

'A bucket list fund if you like, a fund for myself Luke, Ben and my family to fill up whatever time I have left, whether it be weeks, months or years with good memories.'

Despite only starting the fund raising page just a few days ago, the community's response has been fantastic. Friends, family and strangers have donated, with the current total at over £6,000.

In an interview with Mix96, Sarah said:

"I'm completely and utterly overwhelmed. I'm so lucky to have the people that I have in my life. Family support, friends, and people I don't even know, it's crazy. I didn't expect it at all, it's been absolutely brilliant."

Sarah wanted to give the following message to all those who have supported her:

"Just a massive thank you, and please, if you get a lump anywhere, even on your little toe, anything, just get it checked out. Even if you feel a bit silly!"

Listen to our full interview with Sarah below

You can still donate to Sarah and help her tick off some things on her bucket list here.

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There is 1 comment on this page.

clive dell
clive dell, on 13th January 2018 2:58pm
Hi Sarah, So sad to hear your so unwell , If you and your little boy fancy a spin in my vintage car around Aylesbury to eventually get to a pub for a tad to eat it would be a pleasure to do so and would be great to see you all again .love Clive down at Dell Motors xxx

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