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Temporary traffic lights back in Waddesdon

Waddesdon roadworks Feb 2018

8:24am 13th February 2018

Temporary traffic lights are back in Waddesdon, causing delays on the A41.

Rush hour traffic has been queuing back through the village from the Aylesbury side to the turn for the Bucks Railway Centre.

Thames Water are installing a new main, according to the Transport for Bucks map.

It shows the lights, which are by Vale Tyres on the corner there, will be in place until Friday.

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There are 2 comments on this page.

John Litchfield
John Litchfield, on 13th February 2018 11:17am
Last night (13th) there was no reason why these lights were left in place apart from the incompetence and laziness of the Thames water contractors in not removing the lights (not for the first time!) when they finished work long before the rush hour started.
There was no incursion into the A41 so these delays were totally unnecessary.
I’m fed up of Thames water spokesmen giving their insincere apologies every time they foul up.
But what do you expect from a company that allowed 1700 Olympic sized swimming pools of sewage to flow into the river Thame and Thame’s over three years.
Thames water and their contractors are yet again sticking two fingers up to BCC and transport for Bucks.
Buckinghamshire county council & Transport for Buck have a stronger role to play here it’s about time they got a grip of these cowboys.
Thames Water was fined £120 by transport for bucks the for last time they failed to remove temporary lights and caused traffic chaos on the A41 but considering that Thames water were fined £20.3 million pounds for the sewage dumping mentioned above I somehow doubt that £120 (discounted to £80 if they pay promptly) is going to make Thames water and their incompetent contractors change their ways.
joe bloggs
joe bloggs, on 13th February 2018 1:52pm
Can the council and TFB look into these lights please?As mentioned above there were no workmen there last night.Also could they be sequenced better so that more traffic can pass Waddessdon to Aylesbury than the other way around as the traffic volume going into Aylesbury is far higher.I travel both directions.

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