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Water main leak: Central Aylesbury delays

Hundreds have been left without water as well.

Published by Dan Gooding at 3:34pm 30th July 2018. (Updated at 12:39pm 31st July 2018) 2-minute read.

Water main leak: Central Aylesbury delays

LATEST: The developer has apologised

Supplies came back overnight

A leaking water main is causing disruption in the centre of Aylesbury.

Water has been pouring onto the lower part of the High Street this afternoon (Mon) and flooding the Exchange Street roundabout.

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been without water since 3pm, although some people are reporting that water supply has returned, although at a very low pressure.

  • Thames Water investigating
  • 'Third party' caused damage to water and sewer pipes
  • Pipe was damaged outside building site on the old Dayla site
  • Many businesses and homes left without water
  • No word on how long the problem will last, although some people's supply restored
  • Earlier in the day traffic was caused by a gas leak.
  • Live updates below

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High/Exchange Street water leak - Jul 2018
Water has poured onto the lower High Street

There are temporary traffic lights just outside Vale Park on the High Street to add to the delays as well.

Businesses in the town centre have been reporting water loss as a result of this leak.



We're off, but we'll be back

We're going to stop live-updating this news article now. 

We will be back tomorrow morning with the latest on the leak and any knock-on effects it has had.

If you're affected by this, we hope you'll be sorted soon.

Thames Water tell us that any update will be posted to their twitter feed so here it is:



Tomorrow starts to be affected

We've had our first notification that the leak will be affecting services tomorrow (Tuesday) as Bucks Libraries announce that the Aylesbury Library and Study centre will close tomorrow:


Not good news for everyone

Despite reports that some people do have some water supply returning to their houses, not everyone is so lucky.

Here are a couple of comments from our facebook page:


'BarefootDee' has also commented on our article saying her water is back too:

Water back on in Friarage Road. Thank you Thames Water


Praise for Thames Water

'Dfurdog' commented on this article with some praise for Thames Water after others had criticised them:

The water was off for me for about 4 hrs, Thames Water were at the scene within a very short time, you cannot just wave a magic wand and expect a major water disruption caused by others to be fixed instantaneously....your probably one of these people who think milk comes from Tesco's.
As for providing bottled water to all the people in the affected area..ridiculous..how are you going to get thousands of bottles of water to all the residents affected in such a short time, do you think there are bottled water repositories secretly hidden in bunkers all around Aylesbury?  by the time all that was organised the water would be back on....did you actually get out of your armchair and take a look at the issue?..it was a massive break, not of Thames water's doing. I say Well Done! Thames Water!! for getting it back on so soon, albeit at lowered pressure


Always plan ahead

Oh Mandy... what have you done?


Slowly but (seemingly) surely

We are getting reports that the water supply is slowly coming back to people's houses

Vicky posted this on our facebook page:


More businesses affected

We heard from the owners of Bella Cafe and The Works on air this afternoon, both were severely limited in what they could sell. Greggs closed early too, as well as the Odeon cinema.

It looks like all the restaurants near the cinema had to shut:



More evidence that for some people, their water is back on.

It seems like even if you do have water the pressure is not great, but it's a start.

No official word yet from Thames Water about the timescale of the fix yet.


We're all a bit stinky

Don't worry about Amy, we're all in the same boat, embrace your inner hippy.


Not happy:

MGL has commented on our website with this: 

A real hardship for the very many people affected by this loss of water,not what you expect at the end of a days work.I am very sorry for those people affected.A notable silence by those who have caused the issue and also a slow response by those required to mend the problem.All affected people should have received copious quantities of bottled water as a short term interim measure and appropriate numbers of suitable repair people on site actually doing something to solve the problem rather than just a token gesture of a few people looking at the problem.


Lots of demand for bottled water!


Some water returns

We have had reports that some supplies are back on.

However, Thames Water have warned that pressure will be low or non-existent because of the leak, so it may not be fully restored just yet.


When this gets in the way of the BIG jobs...


No word yet from Thames Water on when services may return to normal, although they are on site investigating.


Bucks County Museum may close


Candice being an optimist!


Thames Water say it was 'third party'


Big area affected

The map below from Thames Water shows the main area affected by the leak.

Water Leak map

BCC buildings affected


Leak, not a burst...

Traffic lights were already in place here this morning, as part of works on the building site on the former Dayla building.

There is no official word, but a passer-by told Mix96 that builders had been working in the road when the leak started.


More closures

  • The Gym, based in Friars Square, have emailed members to say they have had to shut
  • Odeon cinema have also closed their doors

Someone isn't impressed!


Thames Water on the scene


Another business affected


Let others know

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Let them know by using the share buttons at the top of the page or the bottom of your screen.


Buses diverted


All quiet from Thames Water.

The company say they have sent a team to investigate what is happening.


Another view of the leak

High/Exchange Street water leak - Jul 2018

Town centre businesses close

Abdul, who owns Bella Cafe on the High Street, said:

"Nothing we can do.

"The only thing we can do is serve cold drinks right now. We can't wash dishes, we can't serve the food, we have had to switch everything off, as you can see.

"I have had to close, yes."

Matt, the General Manager at The Works on Market Square, said:

"So everything that we used from lunch, we can't wash, so that is just festering in the sink until we can.

"We have toilets which have been used by kids that we can't flush.

"Obviously selling ice cream and what-not, it's one of the biggest seasons for us.

"We had a really busy morning, really busy lunch and now we are empty. We have more staff in the restaurant than customers."


Chris is seeing the funny side...


Pictures from the scene

Water has been leaking onto the High Street

High/Exchange Street water leak - Jul 2018

High/Exchange Street water leak - Jul 2018
The leak is outside the old Dayla site
High/Exchange Street water leak - Jul 2018

Thames Water aware

Several postcodes affected:

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