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11 reasons Aylesbury is underrated

11 reasons Aylesbury is underrated

Published by Dan Gooding at 7:11pm 10th September 2018. (Updated at 1:20pm 11th September 2018)

We all know Aylesbury gets a fair amount of stick.

The traffic can be awful, we seem to be inundated with water leaks and, well, the traffic is bad! Did we say that already?

But we wanted to take a positive look at our town, because it deserves some love and there are some real gems here.

1. The Old Town

Aylesbury old town

Not everything nice was destroyed in the '60s!

We appreciated the lovely cobbled streets and cute cottages still standing today, a reminder that the town has been here for over 2,000 years.

2. Famous criminals

Aylesbury Old Crown Court
The old Court Room 1 at Aylesbury Crown Court

Aylesbury has seen its fair share of big-name trials and sentences.

The Crown Court building hosted the Great Train Robbers for sentencing, while Keith Richards was sentenced for drug possession here.

Not every day you see cases like THAT in your home town!

3. Being a part of one of the UK's longest canals 

Aylesbury - Grand Union Canal

Nothing quite like an evening stroll along the Canal.

Stretching from the town centre out into the countryside, it's being made even more accessible at the moment, so more of us can enjoy it! 

4. We get to enjoy statues of celebs!

David Bowie Statue
The Earthly Messenger was unveiled in March

Yes, they might not be specifically from the town, but David Bowie and Ronnie Barker definitely add a little personality to some different corners of the town.

Also, we can boast to music fans about having the only statue of Bowie in the UK!

Here are some who actually were born in Bucks.

5. The King's Head courtyard is a hidden gem

Taking just a few steps away from the town centre to enjoy this National Trust beauty is amazing.

Plus, they do a mean pork pie.

See also:

6. More traffic lights per-person than anywhere else in the UK!


Well, this isn't actually true... but we must be winning that war against roundabouts, right?! They are doing a splendid job at stopping traffic jams... oh, wait...

7. But we do have the UK's roundabout of the year.

Ben, Nia and the Mayor open the Ben and Nia roundabout

Ben & Nia on their roundabout

The Ben & Nia roundabout picked up the top award, after naming the spot earlier this year.

Take that, all other roundabouts!

8. We have at least six fancy manors to visit

Some snaps from #waddesdonmanor #nt today.

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They might not be in Aylesbury, but we're claiming the beautiful Waddesdon Manor and sister country residences of the Rothschilds, as they're just a stone's throw away.

Not sure where they are?

  • Tring Natural History Museum
  • Tring Park school
  • Champneys
  • Halton House
  • Ascott House, Wing

9. And are SO lucky to have views like these on our doorstep 

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Being just a few minutes away from stunning views over the Chilterns is big bonus to living here.

This drone shot really shows that off!

10. It's really not that far to Oxford & London

While Aylesbury is lovely, sometimes you need to escape.

  • Oxford just half an hour drive away
  • London a short train ride, when most have a trek to the capital
  • Birmingham an hour and a half away, for gigs and Christmas markets 
  • A short drive to a useful airport at Luton so you can get on holiday quickly.
  • More stunning scenery in the Cotswolds not far either!

11. We are an amazing community!

Community fundraising - Marria, Ollie, Alex

Whatever you think of Aylesbury, it is a community which never fails to help people in need.

In the last five years alone, we've seen you support people like Alex Novakovic and Ollie Gardiner get much needed cancer treatment - you have donated hundreds of thousands to try and help these boys.

The Aylesbury community also gave a dying woman her last wish. Marria Nelms got to have her wedding day, thanks to generous donations of time, a venue, cake, dresses - just weeks before she passed away.

We think that is a definite plus for why Aylesbury is underrated! 

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