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10 weird Christmas food trends hitting Bucks' supermarkets


Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:09pm 20th October 2018.

1. Wensleydale With White Chocolate and Salted Caramel

It's a well-known 'fact' that humans either have an unhealthy obsession with either Chocolate🍫 or Cheese 🧀, so this festive period Asda has taken that to a whole new level.

Chocolate flavoured cheese, that's definitely one to confuse the elderly relatives with on the Boxing Day cheeseboard.

2. Giant Pig in Blanket

Asda has taken another Christmas Dinner staple and SUPERSIZED it. You can now buy an extra special Giant Pig In Blanket, a foot-long ccentrepieceof tender prime cuts of British pork wrapped in rashers of dry cured oak smoked bacon 🥓.

It also feeds up to 10 people, so they'll be no fighting between the children (and Dads...!) for the last one this year. 

3. Iceland's Marmite Sprouts

Do two wrongs make a right? Iceland seems to think so. They are introducing the UK's first official Marmite-approved sprouts. You'll never get the kids to eat them at this rate... 😭



4. Heston from Waitrose Profiter’coals

Heston Blumenthal's collaboration with Waitrose is always a talking point (especially his Earl Grey gin 😉) but this Christmas he's following the viral food trend of including activated Charcoal in dishes and has created a twist on the fancy profiteroles!

The 'Profiter'coals' are black with flame-coloured mandarin orange creme patissiere filing 🍊 and are drizzled with warm smoked orange caramel sauce and popping candy.

They're definitely a talking point, so have them when the neighbours are over 😂

5. Aldi's Methuselah Bottle of Prosecco

One glass for Mum, one glass for Dad and how about one glass for Santa too?

This is insane! Aldi has released a huge bottle of Prosecco perfect for Christmas Parties and the Christmas Day Dinner Table.

The Methuselah holds 6 litres of Prosecco 

6. Salted Caramel and Cocoa Tortilla Curls

Another item with a Salted Caramel and Savoury mix but this time from Tesco. If you're a crisp lover, how do you feel about Tesco's Salted Caramel and Cocoa Tortilla Curls available this Christmas?

They are made with cocoa nibs topped with a salted caramel dusting. An interesting one to lay out next to the walnuts... 😂

7. Black Forest Christmas Tree Meringues 

Morrisons have your showstopper Christmas dessert sorted! Look at these 😍

Their Christmas Tree Meringues are dipped in a chocolate flavour coating and piped in store with fresh British whipped cream and a cherry compote.

They'll look great with the rest of your Christmas spread!

Morrisons Tree
Photo Credit: Morrisons and goodtoknow.co.uk

8. Prosecco and Pink Peppercorn Pringles

If the Salted Caramel crisps weren't your thing, how about this alternative from Pringles? They have released a Pigs in Blankets flavour (more on that flavour in number 9!) and a Prosecco and Pink Peppercorn one.

Definitely one to try when you have your friends over - perhaps with some of that Aldi Prosecco! 🥂

9. Sprouts and Pigs In Blankets Tea

The fact Lapsang souchong smells like bacon doesn't mean we need other savoury teas ☕ however Sainsbury's have gone all out and introduced tea that tastes like Brussel Sprouts and one that tastes like Pigs In Blankets which is apparently infused with a smoky sausage, sage and rosemary flavour.

Hot Liquid Sprouts? 🤢 No thank you 

10. Baileys Yule Log

Now this one makes sense, doesn't it? The kids can have the special ice cream and eat their chocolate Santas whilst the adults deserve a bit of this Baileys Yule Log. Well done Tesco.


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