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Movie studio making sure Aston Clinton's Ollie is remembered right

Marvel have stepped in to help with the teen's gravestone, a year since he passed away.

Marvel are helping Aston Clinton's Ollie Gardiner to be rememebred in the best way possible.

The movie studio has given its permission for Iron Man to appear on the 13-year-old's gravestone.

It comes just over a year since he passed away from cancer.

His parents posted an update on Ollie's Facebook page, saying the church had had some reservations about the addition.

After a little persuasion, the church said we could have him on a few conditions, one of which being that the Marvel Corporation gave their permission.

I thought that would be impossible to obtain, but contacted them anyway.

Two weeks later I received an email and not only did they give permission, but also offered their help in mediating with the Church of England.

Such a lovely gesture. 

Ollie's parents say his idol will be with him for eternity.