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Massive HS2 noise barriers? 'No thank you!' says Wendover

Nearly 600 people want Very Low Noise Surfacing instead

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:42am 13th February 2019. (Updated at 7:30am 13th February 2019) 3-minute read.

Massive HS2 noise barriers? 'No thank you!' says Wendover

To help reduce the impact of HS2 in Wendover, noise barriers were going to be built but over 700 people living there are against the idea.

Funding of £1.51 million is coming from HS2 Ltd, but Buckinghamshire County Council says the money has been designated specifically for noise barriers along the bypass.

But, this was given without consulting residents and businesses in Wendover.

So, after a consultation commissioned by Buckinghamshire County Council last year, over 750 people voiced their opinions on how to reduce noise in Wendover.

They were able to choose from four options:

  • Noise barriers up to 13ft (4m) high, with a total length of just over half a mile (980m), at three locations between Wendover bypass and village housing, which should last up to 20 years.
  • Low noise surfacing on just over a mile (1.94km) of the bypass nearest to the village, with a life expectancy of up to 60 years.
  • Very low noise surfacing on up to 1.94km of the bypass nearest to the village, with a life expectancy of up to 20 years.
  • No action.
Over 750 people complete consultation on reducing HS2 noise in Wendover
BCC commissioned a consultation even though HS2 might not change their mind on the barriers

Of the 750 responses to the consultation this was the breakdown:

  • 1.47% (11 residents) selected Do Nothing
  • 6.67% (50 residents) selected Noise Barriers
  • 13.33% (100 residents) selected Low noise Surfacing (LNS)
  • 78.53% (589 residents) selected Very Low Noise Surfacing (vLNS)

We spoke to Ron Peterson, from the Wendover HS2 Action Group, who believes Very Low Noise Surfacing is the best option:

"The idea of yet another set of 2 meter, to 4 meter, to 6 meter high sound barriers north and south of Wendover was appalling.

"There are real issues from an environment standpoint, a visual standpoint and an advocacy standpoint. 

"There was just no question that the Very Low Noise Surface approach was far more effective in reducing the noise for literally hundreds of homes, particularly on the northern side of Wendover."

BCC will be looking at writing to HS2 about their proposal in a meeting next week.

An HS2 spokesperson said: 

“We have an agreement with Buckinghamshire County Council to provide noise mitigation in Wendover.

"The local community has asked the Council to make a change to the noise mitigation being proposed and this is currently going through the required formal procedures.”

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