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RSPCA now investigating alpaca death in Aylesbury Vale

RSPCA now investigating alpaca death in Aylesbury Vale

Published by Dan Gooding at 12:01pm 20th February 2019.

After an alpaca was found with its eye gouged out in Ludgershall in Buckinghamshire, the RSPCA are now investigating.

WARNING: Article contains an image you may find distressing

Ed sadly died last Thursday.

He was found in a field, bleeding heavily and could not be saved.

His owner lost another alpaca in November, after being attacked.

The RSPCA say there's a chance this was another animal, but could also have been deliberate.

Inspector Jaime Godfrey was able to get a vet out to the alpaca and he stayed with him to assist and help care for him, but sadly overnight the alpaca died.

In November last year Amanda sadly lost another alpaca - Hector - who was found slashed with a sharp knife and with his insides lying on the ground.

WARNING: Image you may find upsetting will appear after quote

Amanda said:

"We are in total shock at the minute really, we only rehomed Ed a couple of months ago as we got him after Hector. I just can't believe someone would do this, it's hideous.

"I'd also really to warn other people with livestock that this has happened so that they can be vigilant."




WARNING: Image you may find upsetting will appear next



Ludgershall alpaca death
Ed was found in the field near Ludgershall on Thursday.

Inspector Godfrey said:

"This is terribly sad for the owner and an emotionally difficult job to deal with.

"There is a chance this injury may have been caused by the natural predation of wildlife, however given that another alpaca has recently been injured we can't rule out that this was done deliberately."

If anyone has any information about what has happened here the RSPCA is urging them to get into contact on 0300 123 8018.

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