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Aylesbury woman jailed for life over husband's murder

Hannegret Donnelly domestically abused her husband until he died.

Published by Mix96 News at 2:44pm 22nd March 2019. 3-minute read.

Aylesbury woman jailed for life over husband's murder

A woman from Aylesbury has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering her husband last year after a prolonged period of domestic abuse.

55-year-old Hannegret Donnelly of Bramley Road was convicted at Kingston Crown Court on Wednesday and was sentenced today with life imprisonment - with a minimum term of 16 years.

Her husband Christopher died on March 31st, 2018.

Hannegret waited until the day afterwards to call 999 and told officers at the scene - and later in interviews - that she'd hit her husband over the head with a rolling pin a few weeks earlier.

Rolling pin
One of three rolling pins found at Hannegret Donnelly's home

After her arrest, further questioning found she'd regularly assaulted Christopher with items including a hairbrush, rolling pin - and she admitted to punching him in the face and pushing him down the stairs.

Blood splatters were found throughout the property, on furniture and walls.

The blood was identified as that of Christopher's.

At the time of his death, Christopher was found to have 78 visible injuries, including a cauliflower ear, head wounds, internal injuries, fractures to his scapula, spine, voice box cartilage and other traumatic injuries.

Upon further testing, these injuries were found to have been caused by being hit with a fist or blunt object.

Hannegret was charged with murder on the first day of her trial on March 4th this year.

She was previously charged with one count of wounding with intent on April 1st 2018.

Detective Chief Inspector Felicity Parker, of Thames Valley Police’s Protecting Vulnerable People Department said:

“He was found with 78 visible injuries which he received in numerous ways including being hit with a rolling pin.

“He was coercively controlled by his wife on a daily basis.

She told him what was acceptable and punished him when he did something that disagreed with her view; he suffered extreme injuries as a result of this systematic abuse.

This case highlights the fact that domestic abuse affects men and women and the consequences can be catastrophic.

I recognise that domestic abuse is complex, it is often difficult to recognise the ones you love are causing you harm.

It is then even more challenging to seek help to make you safer.

I want to encourage people to come forward and get help.

If you suspect this pattern of behaviour please report it to the police.

Thames Valley Police take all reports of this nature seriously and will thoroughly investigate.

Coercive behaviour can be threats, humiliation or intimidation used by the abuser to harm, punish or frighten their victim.

During the interview of Hannegret Donnelly it was clear to the investigators that the beatings she subjected Christopher to were to control him.”

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