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Outrage over damage to Tring playground

Outrage over damage to Tring playground

Published by Dan Gooding at 8:00pm 13th April 2019. (Updated at 8:52am 14th April 2019)

There has been outrage from many in Tring after a children's play area was badly damaged.

It is unclear when the damage was actually done, but in a post on Everything Tring on Facebook today, one mum shared these photos of the play area off Miswell Lane.

Glass is strewn across the area, while most of the play equipment is damaged.

Miswell Lane damage
Benches in Miswell Lane park were damaged

The slide and some of the other play equipment have had holes punched into them or, in one case, simply ripped apart.

Miswell Lane damage

Many have condemned what has happened on the post, with comments including:


What the??? Why would anybody do this with the intent of hurting small children?

Thing is they prob didn't do it to hurt a small child they prob did it to look good in front of friends and didn't think that kids play in that park and could seriously get hurt. Some people really don't have a brain and r so selfish it unreal

This makes me so angry! I could hear a lot of noise after about 11pm last night it just sounded like drunken idiots and there were a few bangs so it could have been related to this. I just don’t understand destruction in general especially a children’s play park😡

Miswell Lane damage
This rocker had its seat ripped off by vandals

Emma, who originally posted the photos, says she has reported it to the council.

It's unclear if the police tape around the slide has been put their by officers.

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