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Bucks landmarks that have dazzled on the silver screen

Bucks landmarks that have dazzled on the silver screen

Published by Dan Gooding at 6:00pm 22nd June 2019. (Updated at 6:58am 24th June 2019)

We know that Buckinghamshire is famous for being the location for many a film.

With Pinewood Studios in the south of the county, it's only natural that many movies have been created here.

The likes of Bond, Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker have all graced Bucks soil.

But some locations which appear on the silver screen are maybe not as obvious as we are lost in the movie magic.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Black Park

It was made to look like America, but Camp Lehigh isn't across the pond at all.

Black Park in Bucks was chosen as the location for these scenes, as it backs onto Pinewood.

Many, many films have used the country park in the past, including several Harry Potter and James Bond instalments.

Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

Stowe School, Buckingham

Then Indy meets the Führer himself, Adolf Hitler, in this 1989 flick, you might think this was filmed in front of a German landmark, or on a huge soundstage.

But Stowe School, just outside Buckingham, was dressed up to look like a rally and book-burning.

The huge columns and windows of the private school can be seen behind the Nazi banners.

The school is in fact used for filming quite often, usually for interior shots in period dramas.


West Wycombe Park

Aylesbury may have laid claim to Bowie in recent years, but the film he famously starred in begins in Bucks.

The opening scene above was filmed in the grounds of the National Trust's West Wycombe Park, which is why it may look familiar to fans of the movie.

Batman Begins

Mentmore Towers

Known as Wayne Manor in the film series, Mentmore's exterior became famous around the world.

Now privately owned, the former Rothschild mansion is another Buckinghamshire landmark frequently used for blockbusters and TV dramas.

Hot Fuzz

The Royal Standard of England, Forty Green

Although many outdoor scenes for this comedy were filmed in Wells in Somerset, Bucks was chosen as the location for this final shootout.

The pub just near Beaconsfield was used for the epic scene featuring Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) and Danny Butterman.

A Clockwork Orange

Friars Square, Aylesbury

Possibly one of the most famous deleted scenes of all time, at least for people living around Aylesbury!

A scene was filmed in the original Friars Square shopping centre, but was later cut.

This video shows production shots from the now-transformed centre.

The Queen

Halton House

Unfortunately, Buckingham Palace wasn't really available for shooting...

So several stately homes were used for interior shots in The Queen, including Rothschild manor Halton House.

The private building, used by the RAF, can be seen in this clip when 'Tony Blair' arrives for the first time to meet Her Majesty.

The house, like many others, has been used in multiple films, including The King's Speech.

Honourable mentions on the border

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire - Ashridge

This scene from the fourth Potter movie was filmed on the Ashridge estate near Berkhamsted.

Again, these woods are backdrops in many famous films, as is nearby Ivinghoe Beacon.

Cinderella - Cliveden

The palace seen in this 2015 live-action remake by Disney was, in fact, Blenheim.

But for the famous clock which chimes midnight, Cliveden, which straddles the Berks/Bucks border, was chosen.

The famous golden clock tower appears twice in the trailer above and calls Cinders to leave the ball ASAP.

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