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9-year-old from Wendover launches Kids Clean Britain

9-year-old from Wendover launches Kids Clean Britain

Published by Mix96 News at 5:43am 12th July 2019.

A resourceful nine-year-old girl from Wendover could be about to start a clean-up revolution. 

Lola Wardrop has become so horrified at the litter being dropped in her town, she's begun encouraging us to have competitions to collect it all up. 

She just wants people of all ages to think twice before they throw down that can, crisp packet or chocolate wrapper. 

Her campaign is called "Kids Clean Britain" - there's a Kids Clean Britain Day planned for September 21st - and even Tesco is on board as a sponsor. 

Lola said:

"Because I go for runs on my beautiful country lane in Wendover, I've noticed quite a lot of rubbish. 

"I feel quite and angry and upset that people think that they can just ruin their world and it won't hurt it.

"It hurts the animals. It also hurts us, because animals can eat the plastic.

"So if we eat them, we're hurting ourselves too."

Lola's campaign would see youngsters having Rubbish Bingo competitions, to see if they could tick off a whole card of litter items from a drinks can to a rusty old bike. 

She wants to see all the trash brought to a central point in towns and villages, where it will be picked up by refuse collectors. 

The pupil continued:

"I have recently written to Tesco, and they are going to be our sponsor. 

"Every child or adult who collects rubbish will get a free ice cream from them at the end."

It doesn't just stop with a litter collection.

Lola's other ideas include designing a location map of litter hot-spots, that can be passed on to the council to alert them; and posters showing the damage littering can do to animals. 

Aylesbury Vale District Council have met with Lola and her parents to discuss the campaign. 

Deputy Leader Cllr Steve Bowles said:

"Our climate and environment need our protection.

Lola's is a great initiative, which I and my colleagues are supportive of. 

"It's important to do what we can to protect our environment, and this is one way that we can do it."




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