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Increase in keyless car thefts in Aylesbury Vale

There is a simple way to make sure your car isn't taken

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 8:00am 10th August 2019. 2-minute read.

Increase in keyless car thefts in Aylesbury Vale

Police in Aylesbury Vale have seen more keyless cars become targets of criminals.

Officers have seen an increase in the amount of new cars with keyless entry being stolen.

This is Area Commander Mike Loebenberg:

"In the last couple of months we've seen a few, not high numbers, but a few vehicles stolen where the vehicles are keyless entry. 

"So, that means a vehicle that has a fob that you don't have to press anything on the key in order to get into the car."

Criminals can interrupt the signal from the keys using a gadget, that then opens the car so they can take it. 

They can do this very quickly and with relatively very little noise, so Mike is offering his advice.

He told us there is a way to stop this from happening:

"It's really simple to stop vehicles being stolen.

"It' by buying something that's called a faraday bag, which is a bag that stops the key from being able to transmit signals."

You can report any suspicious activity you witness to 101.



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