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No NHS treatment for Aylesbury baby with 'disfigured' head

Victor Fenton has flat head syndrome and needs £2,500 for treatment

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 5:41am 13th August 2019. (Updated at 12:20pm 13th August 2019) 3-minute read.

No NHS treatment for Aylesbury baby with 'disfigured' head

A baby from Aylesbury with a disfigured head is getting worse because the treatment he needs isn't available on the NHS.

Victor Henny has Plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome, but his mum says that, currently, the NHS doesn't offer the cranial helmet treatment that he needs. 

The 15-week-old could potentially end up with spine, neck and jaw line problems in the future because of his condition.

Victor Henney
If Victor doesn't get treatment it could cause lots of problems for him

This has meant Victor's family have chosen to go private, because they need to get him a cap in the next few months while his bones are still soft. 

This treatment will cost them £2,500.

Victor's mum, Jenna, told us it's been hard:

"Even when feeding him you have to keep the pressure off the left side of his head.

"Rolled up blankets underneath his back, so he's off his weight.

"Sitting him up as much as you can - just exercises like that to keep the pressure of his left side."

Victor Fenton
Victor has an appointment booked for later this month

Victor's Plagiocephaly has created a severe flat spot on the back left side of his head, which means his head is constantly resting in that position.

This has caused further issues, with his ear beginning to curl over and the left side of his face growing bigger than his right.

His family are becoming worried about this because it could cause problems with his spine, neck and jaw line.

So, they have wasted no time in trying to get the treatment sorted, but they are asking for our donations to help them.

This is what it would mean to Jenna and her family:

"I'm just a mum that wants the best start for her son.

"I don't want him to have a disfigured head, I want him to grow and be beautiful.

"It's now affecting the other side of his face - so his eye is starting to droop, his cheek is tighter and his mouth is down on one side."

They've booked an appointment in Cambridge for a LOCband, which is a special helmet that helps remould the head. 

You can donate to Victor here.


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